Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kids Activity Idea Introduction and Archive

One of my struggles as a Mommy is using the TV as a baby-sitter. I once attempted a 30-Day Challenge where I would not use the TV at all. Well, one reason I failed is because I didn't have a lot activities for DearDaughter1 to do to fill her day. As I am working through this struggle of finding kid activity ideas, I have decided to record them here so that I will have a list to reference to for the future and for any Mommies looking for something to do with their child. Now, DearDaughter1 is only 23 months old and DearDaughter2 is only 3 months old so this ideas list will be limited to the age of my girls and will grow along with them. (October 2007)

General Ideas:
1. Layering
2. Toy Exchange
3. Providing Structure
4. Using a Book to Help with Bedtime Routine

Activity for all ages:
1. A Hayride and Pumpkin Picking
2. Decorate Your Pumpkin
3. Play Dough
4. Play Dough Party Goody Bag
5. Turkey Cookie
6. Fun with Hand Actions
7. Baking Cookies
8. More Fun wth Hand Actions
9. Make a Rock Band

Activity for Newborns:
1. Floor Time + Tummy Time

Activity for 6M+:
1. Exersaucer

Activity for 18M+:
1. Wooden Puzzles
2. Planting a Garden
3. Handprint Fun

Activity for 21M+:
1. Foam Sticker Decorated Gift Bag (minimal supervision required)
2. Foam Sticker Decorated Card (minimal supervision required)
3. 2nd Birthday Party
4. Using a Book to Help with Bedtime Routine

Activity for 24M+:
1. Alphabet Coloring Sheets
2. Crayola's Color Wonder Coloring Book & Markers
3. Story Time
4. Color Scavenger Hunt
5. Teaching Left from Right
6. Joe Corbi's Pizza or Any Pizza Kit
7. Potty Training 101

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