Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kids Activity - 2nd Birthday Party

DearDaughter1's 2nd birthday party is this coming Saturday...


  • Play at the partk - 10am - 11:30am
  • Return home for lunch
  • While pizza is cooking, have a play dough party - 12pm
  • Pizza lunch - 12:30pm

  • NOTE: I was going to make home made pizza and have the kids and parents make their own pizza, but decided to do the play dough party instead and just get DearDaughter1's favorite boxed pizza, Red Baron's Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza
  • Blow candle & eat birthday cake (Coldstone's Ice Cream Cake) - 1pm
  • Open gifts/party favors - 1:30pm
  • Bye Bye - 2pm

Things to do on Thursday:

  • Buy ingredients for homemade play dough and party favors (homemade play dough and cookie cutter)
    • cream of tartar - Wal-Mart
    • food coloring - Wal-Mart
    • cookie cutters (2) - Wal-Mart or Dollar store
  • Buy Birthday cake - Coldstone's w/ coupon
  • Buy Pizza (3) - Wal-Mart
  • Buy drinks - Wal-Mart
    • Coke
    • Apple Juice boxes
  • Buy party decorations - store in laundry room until Friday evening
    • balloons - Dollar store
    • streamers - Dollar store

Things to do on Friday:

  • Make homemade play dough
  • Print out homemade play dough recipe
  • Put together party favors
  • Make thank you notes
  • Surface clean and decorate house - Friday evening
    • clean bathroom
    • surface dust living room
    • vacuum

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Trish D said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. How many kids do you have coming? I have yet to host a "real" birthday party for our kids; we've only done family gatherings.

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