Friday, February 22, 2008

Kids Activity - Teaching Left from Right

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DearDaughter1 is now able to identify letters and I thought that if she is able to do that then she is able to associate objects with letters too. So, I wrote a big "L" on DearDaughter1's left hand and a big "R" on her right hand. I pointed to her left hand and said that the "L" means LEFT hand and the "R" means RIGHT hand. She picked up on it quickly. Then, I showed her that when I say "Raise your right hand" that she should raise her right hand (me, of course raising my left hand so she would follow). I did that with the left side. I then stopped raising my hand and reminded her what the "L" and the "R" meant. I asked her to raise her right hand and she looked at her hands and raised the one with the "R". We continued to do this until she didn't have to look at her hands anymore. She still gets them mixed up, but I think the concept of left and right has finally sunk in. The next thing I want to teach her is to look left and right and then to move left and right. This will be so helpful when I have to give her directions and I am able to say, "No no no, move over to your left or right."

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