Monday, March 03, 2008

Kids Activity - Using a Book to Help with Bedtime Routine

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Several weeks ago I decided that it was time for DearDaughter1 to start brushing her teeth daily. Up until then I had only brushed her teeth sporatically, whenever I remembered. As I thought about the things I should be teaching her, I realized that teeth brushing is a habit that should start now. We were given a book, Good Night Blue, which goes through a whole bedtime routine that includes brushing teeth, washing face, going to the potty, washing hands, getting into PJs, singing a bedtime song, and reading a bedtime story. The book is a great tool to use and it adds some fun to the whole routine! We go through the whole book together, except for the potty part, and when DearDaughter1 gets up from her nap she gets a happy face for going through the whole routine on her own, as much as she can. It's worked out really well and we get the daily tooth brushing in!

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