Monday, March 02, 2009

Miscellaneous...Random Thoughts

1. I would rather be realistic with my children and tell them I will not be able to do an activity with them than give them false hope by telling them "maybe" and then the "maybe"s always end up being "no"s and disappointing them. That way I can work hard towards doing this activity with them and if I've told them that I will not be able to and then I make time to, the children will be surprised and appreciative, and if I am still not able to, the children already knew what to expect.

2. I don't like hand washing my children's clothes, but I know I have to do it if I'm going to have to pass on the clothes from one child to the next. I've tried stain removers, but I've found that on certain stains, if I don't hand wash them first, the stains don't come off, then they're set in. I've tried bibs, but bibs can only cover so much.

3. During her third trimester, it really is difficult for a pregnant woman to be at 100% physically which makes everything that much more difficult to do because there is just that heavy and protruding weight in the front, but I don't think husbands realize that.

4. Little toddlers (from about the time they start moving to about 2 1/2 years old) are a challenge to care for because they require almost 100% of your time to give them direction. Even if you try to give them direction so that you can do other things, like a house chore, their attention span is only about 15 minutes, and you have to stop what you're doing to change their activity. By the time you remember to get back to what you were doing, you find that it's time to do something else, like go out for an appointment or start dinner or snack time, and you have to stop what you were doing and continue it another time, whenever that is.

5. I wish my husband could read my mind because it just seems like we often misunderstand each other because we often are talking about 2 different pages in a book.

6. There's only 4 people living in this house, but why does it feel like there's 20 people living here by the amount of laundry that needs to be washed?

...More random thoughts will be posted as they come up...

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Barefootsintheburbs said...

I look forward to the summer when I have an excuse to ignore the housework and play outside with the kids. My two are a lot easier to amuse when they are outside.....something about wide open spaces.

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