Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pregnancy...Decision Update and Eating Healthier

On Monday, February 23rd, I had a consult meeting with a mid-wife at the potential practice I was looking at. I addressed these concerns:
- Was it too late for me to switch practices since I was 32 weeks along? No.
- Does she have any problems with me doing a VBAC since the baby was measuring big and I was carrying too much amniotic fluid? No. She will do everything she can to deliver this baby vaginally.
- I would rather be delivered by a mid-wife. The practice has 2 mid-wives, whom I will see for the rest of my pregnancy, and if they are not on call, then there are several other mid-wives who moonlight that would be there.
- What happens if there is a complication during labor? There will be a doctor at the hospital on stand-by just in case an emergency C-section is needed.
- What does she think about induction? Not in favor of it and would rather wait for spontaneous labor.

I was pleased with the consult and switched practices immediately by signing the record of release form and scheduling my first visit.

As I saw the new mid-wife yesterday, we briefly discussed last week's ultrasound results, which showed the Little One measuring over 5 pounds, putting it in the 81st percentile, and my amniotic fluid level was about 20cc (? - still unsure of the unit measurement), which the doctor said is borderline high, but much better than last time, which was at 30cc. The mid-wife was still concerned about the size of the baby and the amount of fluid present, but did not think a weekly screening is necessary, in contrast to the perinatal doctor's suggestion. I was relieved about that. I cancelled my appointment for this week's screening immediately. However, she was still concerned that I may still have gestational diabetes and has me taking another blood sugar level test the next time.

So, I went grocery shopping last night to purchase some healthier foods for me. I purchased whole wheat bread, whole wheat bagels, Khashi cereal that was high in protein and fiber, strawberries, peaches, bananas, cottage cheese, raspberry preserves that is sweetened with fruit and fruit juices only, roasted tomato and olive oil Triscuits, neuftatel cheese, and cheddar cheese. These foods were mainly purchased for breakfast, lunch, and snack time. My friend gave me brown rice and I already had salad ingredients at home. I'll just make normal dinners, just substituting the white rice I normally use with the brown rice.

My whole family should be eating like this, and before children, I was more healthy eating conscious, but is there a cheaper way? I spent $30 on just food for me alone. It's so sad to say, but junk food is so much cheaper and easier to serve, which is why I started in that direction with my family. I'll need to be more diligent and conscious about what I feed my family. Maybe if I bought more fruits for their snacks and cut out the junk snacks like animal crackers, Club House crackers, Gerber puffs, etc..., maybe the cost would even out? I'll also have to make more of an effort to make the time for healthy decisions. That may mean cutting out some activity in our lives...at least until a good routine is established?

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