Monday, February 16, 2009

Pregnancy...A Little Nervous

I am a little nervous this morning. I will be making the phone call of a lifetime.

DearHubby and I have prayed about switching OB/GYN practices and today is the day I am calling to inquire about a potential practice we've been looking at. I am nervous because it is so late in my pregnancy. I am 31 weeks along, so only about 8+ more weeks to go. It's a little scary making such a BIG change at such a late stage and once a switch is made, there's no going back, at least this time. I really need to make sure that I will be comfortable with this potential practice before making THE DECISION, but the decision needs to also be made VERY quickly...

I was already uncomfortable with my current practice when I was pregnant with DearDaughter2, but I stayed on with them because I love the OB I was with when she had her private practice. Providentially and blessedly, she delivered both my girls. She moved with this group in the middle of my pregnancy with DearDaughter2 and though I was not comfortable with the other doctors, I was still a little hesitant about switching because of how I really like this particular OB. I would consider her a cross between a mid-wife and a doctor.

A few developments have occurred that has pushed me into switching practices. First, I have never felt supported by the other doctors in this practice. I wanted to do a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section) with DearDaughter2 and except for my own OB, all the other doctors opposed it, encouraging me to have another C-Section. Well, I had a successful NATURAL VBAC with DearDaughter2.

Currently, this Little One is measuring in the 97th percentile and she is predicted to be a 10 pound baby. As a result, there's been a lot of monitoring of the Little One and a lot of tests on me. There's also been the push, again, for another C-Section or even induction. I am just afraid that if my OB is not on call when I go into labor and I get any other doctor, they will push for medical intervention rather than allowing me to progress and labor as I'd want.

Lastly, this practice switched hospitals where I will deliver and the new hospital is 40 minutes away (without traffic) compared to the 15 minutes that my local hospital is.

The potential practice I am looking at has mid-wives and I have many friends who have delivered naturally who have highly recommended this practice.

My only hesitation is that my current practice has all female OB/GYNs. I have NEVER seen a male doctor in my life. That's another scary part for me because I am very shy about being seen by a male doctor. Oh, I take that back...I have seen a male doctor before...It was my first Gynelogical exam when I joined the US Coast Guard Academy and I cried the whole time because I was still a virgin and I had never had anything poked down in that area before...Anyway, this potential practice I am looking at has a couple of male doctors and that makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I would need my husband with me at all my visits, especially when they do that internal. Hopefully, I will not need to see a male doctor and I can just stick to the mid-wives...

So, I will be making this phone call shortly. I just wanted to get some of this nervousness out. Then, I will spend some time in prayer for wisdom...

In Pursuit of His Call

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Trish D said...

Keeping you in prayer!

[On a side note, both of our kids were delivered by men. I was afraid that might seem awkward, but I didn't have a lot of other options due to our insurance. Every time there was an "internal" exam, a female nurse was also in the room (and this was at 2 different practices). You might want to inquire about their policy on this]

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