Monday, February 16, 2009

Funday Friday...Kid Junction

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We had a play date at Kid Junction. It was a good place to hang out for a windy winter's day.

The admission price for children under 2 are $6.95 and children older than 2 are $8.95. Adults are FREE!

As you enter, there is a kids' arcade area, which you pay tokens for. We didn't have money to pay for the tokens so we went straight into the play area.

There's a playground/slide set for older kids and then next to it in the "Jail" area is a playground/slide set for the little toddlers. It was great because the gate at the door kept the little toddlers in and they could run and play around as much they wanted.

What makes Kid Junction a great place is that it stimulates the imaginations of children from age 1 and up! There's a little Post Office, a Vet's Office, a Pizza Parlor, a Grocery Store, and a theatrical stage with costumes ready for use.

We had a little play date with the girls' almost 2 year old friend. I thought 2 hours would be enough time to play, but that time went by so fast and when we finally looked down at our watches, 3 hours had already gone by. The girls were having so much fun that they didn't even notice it was past lunch time. Well, DearDaughter2 got fussy in the end which is why I finally looked down at my watch. She was hungry and tired as she didn't get her morning nap or snack. Yet, if she was held over for 3 hours without a fuss, that's how fun the place truly was. The girls were thoroughly occupied that it even gave time for DearFriend J and I to catch up a little.

There's a little cafe there for food purchase. Since I had spent about $16 on admission I didn't want to spend any more money and decided to just go home. On the way home, DearDaughter1 had asked for pizza and had actually been asking for pizza since she was sick with the stomach flu. I hadn't planned on going to Pizza Hut, but I felt sorry for DearDaughter1 who was craving pizza and we did stop by Pizza Hut where I spent another $13.

It was a pricey Funday Friday, more than I usually spend, but it was worth spending the time with my girls and our friends.

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