Monday, February 16, 2009

Project...Master Bedroom Clean-Up

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I am at it again with another clean-up project.

Life just seems to get away with little ones and our master bedroom is proof of it.

We moved out of our master bedroom last year when DearHubby got Pneumonia. We discovered that there was mold growing beneath us in the basement and it was mold in his lungs that caused his Pneumonia. We decided to move out of our master bedroom into the room we intended for both girls. When we moved out, we took the bed and left everything else in there. They have all been collecting dust since then, except for our clothes, of course.

As Little One #3's birth day approaches, the pressure to get the house in order has arrived. After talking it over with DearHubby, we have decided to turn the master bedroom into a temporary storage area. Well, for some reason, every year, my laundry room becomes a catch all room. In 2007, I spent months organizing the area to only go back in 2008 to reorganize it again. It is 2009 and once again we can hardly walk through the laundry room. This time, all the girls' toys are being stored there. My living room was beginning to get over run with toys and I started to feel closed in by all the clutter of the toys. So, I moved all the toys into the laundry room, only taking toys out 1 at a time for the girls to play with. It's a great idea for toy rotation because they get a new and different toy to play with every day. However, toy storage is so difficult, especially if there's no designated room for them. Cleaning up the master bedroom is the first step to cleaning out the laundry room. Once the master bedroom is cleared, we will strip out the moldy carpet, then purchase a garage shelf for all the toys. In addition, there are bins of clothes in our new addition which we will also be moving into the master bedroom.

I walked through the bedroom today and below is my to do list to get the room prepared for the carpet stripping:
- Clean out baskets on night stand
- Wash and hang up loose clothing
- Pack up air beds
- Wash, dry, and store pillows
- Clean Boppy and store
- Pack and store luggages
- Organize/store knee brace "stuff"
- Organize hospital "stuff"
- Clean out cradle
- Move: bed support, air filter, bed step
- Trash Kleenex box
- Store jewelry
- Clean off top of dresser
- Purchase bin to store baskets, video tapes, miscellaneous objects, knee brace

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