Tuesday, December 02, 2008

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Last week was trying and we especially had a trying weekend.

It started off with me feeling nauseated last Sunday. I thought it was due to my pregnancy and it surprised me as I was already 19 weeks along. It turned out that my nausea was caused by a "bug" in my tummy and I had a bad case of diarrhea last Monday.

Well, DearDaughter2 also felt bad last Monday evening and threw up for 4 hours straight. She had never been that sick before, but she was a trooper. Her bout of this "bug" ended on Tuesday on the toilet with diarrhea also.

Then, DearHubby was feeling sick all week long, since the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving morning he wasn't feeling all that great. However, he took Advil and felt better in time to go to our friends' house, the V's, for Thanksgiving dinner (lunch). On Friday, DearHubby couldn't breathe and wanted to go to our Family Doctor, but they were closed and so he thought he'd just wait it out. Saturday morning, DearHubby gave his pulmonologist a call and the doctor recommended that he go to the ER. It turned out that DearHubby has Pneumonia, again!

In the meanwhile, I was bleeding Saturday morning, like a menstrual period. After DearHubby left for the ER, I passed a good sized blood clot and I was so scared that I was having another miscarriage (my first pregnancy was a miscarriage). So, I called my OB and she told me to wait it out until 4pm before going to the ER. She recommended that I just lay down and put my feet up until then. I called my DearFriend Patti crying because I didn't know how I was going to care for DearDaughter1 and DearDaughter2 while thinking I was going through a miscarriage and so I asked if she could take the girls. DearFriend Patti was here in 11 minutes! She helped me pack up my stuff and took me to her house so that I could rest in her mom's room while her daughter watched the girls. (At this stage in my pregnancy, I feel false contractions called Braxton Hicks and I was feeling them throughout the day on Saturday, which is why I was really concerned that it was a miscarriage.)

Well, DearHubby was discharged from the ER on Saturday afternoon and was given antibiotics and the orders to REST. So, we stayed home from church on Sunday to REST.

All was going well until the afternoon when DearHubby went out to check our heating oil and we were almost out. So, he had to go out and find some Diesel fuel.

Then, at bedtime, DearDaughter1 started throwing up AGAIN like last Monday. DearHubby and I looked at the common denominator and the only thing we could think of was being at the V's. Both times before DearDaughter1 got sick we were at the V's and both times meatballs were served and both times DearDaughter1 got sick. On Sunday, DearDaughter1 threw up continuously until midnight and the last of it was a run to the toilet with diarrhea. In the meanwhile, DearDaughter2 was also struggling with tummy aches throughout Sunday as she had diarrhea too. Her diarrhea is so bad that her private area is raw and she dreads the thought of being changed. She still had diarrhea through yesterday, Monday.

I was feeling better yesterday and was only spotting a little so I spent the morning just trying to get the house in order after this weekend. I had the oil guy fill our tank in the morning, I scheduled an OB appointment for the afternoon, and I picked up the house as everything was really in such disarray. As I scheduled my OB appointment for Monday, DearHubby scheduled his pulmonologist appointment too. His appointment was at 1pm and mine was at 2:45pm. Getting that to work out was a challenge too, but it did.

Anyway, I think things have settled down a bit now. I gave DearDaughter1 and DearDaughter2 the BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast) diet yesterday and in the evening their appetites were back and DearDaughter1 didn't complain about wanting to throw up. DearHubby was concerned that this bout of Pneumonia was a reoccurence of his fungal infection back in March which would not have been good because he was told that a reoccurence would probably mean another measure of treatment other than anti fungal medication...not good. Well, his pulmonologist does not think it's a reoccurence of the fungal infection and that it is a general case of Pneumonia. It's still not good, but it is treatable with antibiotics. In addition, my OB wasn't concerned about my bleeding. I was blessed that I had an ultrasound done last week because it showed that everything was normal with the placenta and cervix. It was thought that I might have an infection, but she did an internal and everything looked fine and my cervix felt long, so she wasn't concerned about pre-term labor or a miscarriage, especially since we heard a normal heartbeat from the baby.

So, that was our trying weekend. Anyway, I, especially failed in many ways, but I thank God that He is faithful!

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Trish D said...

Wow, you guys have had a rough couple days. Definitely keeping you ALL in prayer.

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