Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Life...A Lesson In Giving

As I was going through the toys we were giving away to Goodwill, DearDaughter1 saw a pink (her favorite color) stuffed bunny in the pile. She immediately grabbed it and said, "Mine."

Mommy: Dear, do toys make you happy?

DearDaughter1: Yeah...

Mommy: Well, you have been blessed with many toys, but did you know that there are many kids out there who don't have any toys? Do you think you'd like to make other kids happy?

DearDaughter1: Yeah...

Mommy: Well, that's why we're giving these toys away. Maybe this pink bunny will make another little girl like you happy. Would you like that?

DearDaughter1: Yeah...
(Turning to her bunny and with my leading)Bunny, I will miss you, but I know you will make someone else happy and I know you will have a happy home. Bye... (Giving bunny one last hug and putting it into the bag)

Soon after, we went to Goodwill to drop off the toy bag and I told DearDaughter that God has blessed us with much and because of that He wants us to share.

What a lovely opportunity to teach DearDaughter1 a lesson in giving, especially during this season where many kids are focused on what they're getting!

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Nettie said...

Bless you and DearDaughter ... I have 4 of my own and we are always trying to teach them about giving .. it can be tough when they are young - but you are doing great!

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