Monday, December 08, 2008

December 7 - 13, 2008

Weekly Devotions: Romans 6 - Romans 10

Projects of the Week: Put up Christmas decorations, Write Christmas letter
Bathroom Area of the Week: Surface clean bathroom, Change shower curtain

Sunday: The Lord's Day!

- Wal-Mart run - 2 $15 gift cards for DearHubby's Angel Tree
- Change towels
- Catch up on weekend chores
- 12:00pm - lunch with DearHubby
- Dinner in crock pot before leaving for lunch
- Finish DearDaughter1's winter hat


- Girls' baths
- Call DearFriend C to see if they need a meal delivered
- Note of prayer to the F's and MAIL
- Finish weekend dishes
- Finish DearDaughter1's scarf
- Fold laundry & wash girls' clothes, DearHubby and my clothes
- 6:30pm - 1st Small Group mtg.
- Bring Christmas decorations into the house
- Change sheets
- Order my Christmas gift
- Prepare tomorrow's dinner

- 9:30am - Women's Bible Study
- Note of prayer to the F's and MAIL
- Put up Christmas decorations
- Shop for Thursday's Christmas dinner party
- 4:30pm - Exercise at gym w/ DearHubby

- Prepare house for Christmas dinner party
- 6:30pm - Christmas dinner party

- 4:30pm - Exercise at gym w/ DearHubby


- Before 8:00am - Go to Old Navy to get 4 free movie tickets (spend $20, use $20 coupon)
- Call JC Penny if girls' pics in, PICK UP pics
- Christmas cards for church family

Laundry room project:

Want to do list:
1. Thank you notes to:
- Mrs. Greiner (PJs, Stuffed Cow, "A Day With Mom" book)
- MyMom (clothes, card, $$$)
- MyMotherInLaw ($$$)
- MySisterInLaw (Wal-Mart gift card)
2. Slide show of DearDaughter1's b-day party
3. File paperwork in Out Box
4. Catch up on Budget

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