Monday, December 15, 2008

December 14 - 20, 2008

Weekly Devotions: Romans 11 - Romans 15

Projects of the Week: Complete Christmas Cards & MAIL, Bake Cookies for Gifts
Bathroom Area of the Week: Clean tub & toilet, Surface clean overall bathroom

Sunday: The Lord's Day!
- Girls' baths
- Groceries

- Wash DearHubby and my laundry, sheets & towels
- 5:30pm - Watch Little R
- Staples run for printer ink
- Wal-mart run for bananas and finger food for Thurs' Dessert party (party resched. for Wed.)
- Bake cookies
- Work on Christmas cards
- Pay cell phone bill


- Work on Christmas cards
- Bake cookies
- 2:00pm - DearDaughter1's 3 year old check-up

- 8:30am - Chiropractor appt.
- Stop by AC Moore to check out Melissa & Doug's Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal
- Work on Christmas cards & MAIL
- Bake cookies & call for deliveries, deliver to the C's
- Bathroom cleaning
- Call the L's to confirm gift delivery for Friday (DearHubby to deliver after work)
- Straighten out house & prepare for Dessert party
- 7:00pm - Dessert party (cancelled due to the V's being ill)

- Deliver gifts to H's, T's, & V's (wrap the V's gifts)
- The Children's Place run to purchase cheap tops for Little A's gift (bottoms found in giveaway bag)
- Wal-mart run: turkey
- Staples run: Photo paper
- Pay all other bills
- 4:30pm - Exercise
- Fold DearHubby and my laundry, wash sheets & towels, girls' clothes
- Girls' baths


Laundry room project:

Want to do list:
1. Thank you notes to:
- Mrs. Greiner (PJs, Stuffed Cow, "A Day With Mom" book)
- MyMom (clothes, card, $$$)
- MyMotherInLaw ($$$)
- MySisterInLaw (Wal-Mart gift card)
2. Slide show of DearDaughter1's b-day party
3. File paperwork in Out Box
4. Catch up on Budget

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