Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Mission Statement at Work

Is it really Thursday?

Well, I am happy for writing my Housekeeping Mission Statment yesterday:

To create a place of refuge for my family, friends, and visitors that brings love, peace, and joy and promotes loving and serving God and others above all else.

It has already helped me stay focused on what's really important. I had a wonderful evening with DearHubby last night and we didn't even need a babysitter. It started off when I met him at the gym. I had complained to DearHubby that though my swims have worked on my endurance I just don't feel like my back's gotten stronger for another pregnancy. So, he invited me to work out with him and I worked out with him for the first time last night. I would have normally declined the invitation because we would get home late, meaning a late dinner and not being able to get some things done at home. As I thought about the mission statement, I thought that working out with DearHubby would give us the opportunity to spend time together, time that we'd normally not have and I thought, "Well, that promotes loving others...". Therefore, I accepted the invitation. We had a really good workout!

Well, after putting the girls down for bed, I was really discouraged because DearDaughter1 has really been acting up and I commented to DearHubby about it. He was frustrated and made an offensive comment back to me and of course I got angry at his comment. I walked out of the room to calm down and I really wanted to hold a grudge against DearHubby, but I remembered the mission statement, especially the part about "bringing peace" and "loving God". I prayed to God for wisdom and patience in how to deal with the situation and after a little while I returned to DearHubby to talk to him about his comment. DearHubby heard me out, humbled himself, sought forgiveness, and I forgave him.

Once we were reconciled, DearHubby wanted to work on another car project. I wasn't too thrilled with that idea and asked him if he would spend time with me. "Doing what?" he asked. "Talking...or we could play a game...," I said. DearHubby looked at the games we had and nothing seemed of interest. So I said, "Let's make up our own game!!! Let's play, 'How well do you know me!!!' You ask me a question about yourself and I'm supposed to tell you the right answer!" DearHubby was a little hesitant about it at first, but he went ahead and asked me a question about himself. It turned out to be a really fun game and we found out some things we didn't know about each other, but we also found out that, yeah, after 8 years almost 9 years of marriage, we know each other well. It was a lovely evening!

The mission statement is not perfect though, or shall I say, I am not perfect. There were a few times in the day when I just didn't care about the mission statement because I was just so provoked to anger by DearDaughter1. I'm not sure why she's been acting up lately. Last week, she did learn a lot of new ways to be defiant from her older cousins. In addition, since I had a few sets of eyes helping me watch the girls, DearDaughter1 may have gotten away with doing things I would normally not allow and having tasted that "freedom" she now feels she is entitled to those "freedoms" here at home. So, in this respect, I am glad we're home again, so that we can go back to a routine where DearDaughter1 knows what her boundaries are. For example, there was no limitation to how much the TV was on nor any limitations to what was on the TV. DearDaughter1 saw some shows and movies that she had never seen before and she also vegged out a lot more. It's been hard getting her back into play and it's ironic because I've had to "force" fun on DearDaughter1.

Well, I have a short store run to do and maybe I'll take the girls to Chick Fil A to play in their indoor play area. Hmmm...I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by, but I feel like nothing has been accomplished here at home. I've unpacked most of our stuff, but I still have that last bit to do...I hope to return to some what of a routine next week so that I can get a little house cleaning done. I believe, at least, a picked up home, not necessarily an emaculately clean home, promotes peace, and so I hope to get some done next week.

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Julie said...

I think one of the reasons that I love your blog is that I crave order in my own life! I LOVE routines & schedules!!! I often get behind and discouraged when things don't work out accordingly. But, I keep plugging on!

All of that to say that I love your "to do" lists every week! They really motivate me. Thanks!! :o)

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