Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Lesson Learned...and a Housekeeping Mission Statement(?)

After yesterday's fiasco, I have learned that being an overly ambitious housekeeper with Little Ones really sets one up for a lot of frustration and disappointments.

My mind was still on vacation. While we were in Illinois, we stayed with DearHubby's parents and it was like living in my dream home and living in a dream. The house was organized, simple, beautiful, inviting, and clean. I was able to keep up with our laundry, help out with a little of the housekeeping, play with the girls, read, visit with friends, rest, and still have time to be bored. By living in my dream home for a week, I think I came back to my home expecting it to be like it was in Illinois.

However, there were some things I failed to realize.

My MotherInLaw has a house cleaner that comes in every week. She doesn't have to be concerned about much of the house cleaning because that's taken care of for her and she can keep up with maintaining her house organization.

My MotherInLaw didn't and doesn't really have to worry about cooking. While we were there, food was dropped off almost every night as a display of people's condolences towards my MotherInLaw's dad's passing. In addition, my InLaws order from Schwann's and their meals are usually cooked in the microwave. Therefore, their grocery runs are short.

I had "built-in" baby sitters while in Illinois. From the time the girls got up to the time they went down for bed, there was another set of eyes available to watch the girls if I couldn't.

I didn't have to be concerned about any house chores and it was my choice to help out or not.

And my "I failed to realize" list goes on...

As a result of failing to recognize these things, I wanted my home to be like my InLaws' and my time to be like it was in Illinois and that's where I was being overly ambitious.

What is reality? Reality is...
1. My 2 little girls need a lot of my time and attention.
2. I am the only one at home with the girls for most part of the day being the only set of eyes to watch them. I am their sole care giver.
3. I am the sole house keeper who needs to keep up with the cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping, mail, budget, appointments, exercise, play dates, etc...
4. When both girls are awake, it's nearly impossible to work on a house project.

So, how can I both live in reality and in my dreams?

I need to define what it is I want out of my home and work with reality to keep to this defintion so that I am not being overly ambitious and burdening myself with unnessecary concerns.

Housekeeping Mission Statement:
To create a place of refuge for my family, friends, and visitors that brings love, peace, and joy and promotes loving and serving God and others above all else.

I will accomplish this mission by keeping order to the house in our primary needs first like providing the opportunity to care for our spiritual and bodily health, good nutritious meals, clean laundry, paid bills, and sufficient funds in the bank. I will also submit to my husband's priorities and needs before all. All other tasks, at this season of life, comes secondary and will not be a cause of frustration or burden if not done.

I will do all my tasks trusting in and seeking God's strength and peace and with joy and graciousness. When things get frustrating I will step away from any task and seek God in prayer to help me.

I hope my line of thinking is pleasing to God. If it's not, may He correct me towards His will and if this is His will, may He give me the perseverance, wisdom, and strength to do it.

When Jesus' in the family
Happy Happy Home
Happy Happy Home
Happy Happy Home

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Trish D said...

It's so hard to come back from a truly restful getaway and deal with the harsh realities of day-to-day life! I really like your mission statement; I had written something like that as my personal/family statement... hmmm, maybe I should pull that back out and have a look :) I'll be praying that you can focus on these goals and not become frustrated with other things that may not be taken care of.

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