Friday, July 11, 2008

To Mow or Not To Mow?

To mow or not to mow? That is the question...

I have been setting aside Friday as a special time to be with the girls. Today is Friday and I'm not sure what to do...It looks like it's going to be a really beautiful day and when I stepped outside for a second this morning, it was cool with less humidity than this past week. So, my desire is to head down to the beach after this morning's chiropractic appointment because we haven't been to the beach yet this year and I keep waiting for someone to go with us... Today, I feel like saying, "Stop waiting for the perfect time and just GO!!!" However, the responsible side of me is saying, "Take advantage of this nice day to mow the yard!" The yard really needs the mowing and DearHubby finally got it fixed last night.

Ahhh, the dilemmas of a tough life (I'm being sarcastic).

There really is so much for me to do here at home and if I got the mowing done today that would be one less thing on my To Do list for next week. Hmmm...

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Susan94 said...

Hey G, I say "no mowing" this time. Are you mowing so that your hubby doesn't have to do that on the weekends? I think you do so much already from taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills,etc that I would let my hubby do that. I actually prefer my husband to mow the lawn because I like that he does the tough/masculine type stuff. My boys are active that I couldn't mow without them being supervised safely. I am also afraid that I would not mow safely on the front and sides of our house since we have a steep hill. It's flat in the back though but then again I couldn't watch both boys while doing it. I depend on my "strong/handy" husband to do that stuff. don't get me wrong, I used to do it to surprise my hubby before I had the boys and even now go to help him get gas for i,but since having the boys I leave the mowing up to my hubby. He is good with doing it weekly and so if it's left long, it's for a reason and I know it'll get done soon. :) I hope that answered your question. Oh I forgot, he also has been doing it on one night during the week. I don't remember if your hubby is on his feet all day and too tired to do that but mine will walk in at 530pm and eat dinner really quick and then mow the lawn. He will be back in the house enough time for the kids bedtime and so it's not too bad. I know they miss one night with him but we are OK with that since he spends so much time with them on the non-grass cutting days. :)

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