Friday, February 22, 2008

Diaper Genie

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For one of my baby shower gifts back in 2005, when I was pregnant with DearDaughter1, I was given a Diaper Genie. I had always heard negative things said about it and though it was always in DearDaughter1's room next to the changing table, I had never set it up. Well, this week, I finally set up the Diaper Genie, yes after 2 years, and I appreciate it! I appreciate it because I have a specific place to put diapers in and it doesn't fill up our regular trash can. The negative comments I heard about the Diaper Genie is that it still stinks. There is still a little odor when you open it up, but I think if you empty it out often enough and spray it down with a deoderizer, you can minimize the odor. Anyway, I'm glad that I finally set up the Diaper Genie and look forward to using it as more kiddos come along. It's not necessarily a must have item, but if you happen to get one at your baby shower, I would definitely recommend using it! If you don't get a Diaper Genie, they do sell scented plastic bags for your dirty diapers.

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