Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poll #1

Since DearHubby and I got married, we have always travelled to Illinois (where his parents live) and California (where my parents live) for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This Thanksgiving Holiday we broke our 7 year "tradition" and stayed home and had a nice, quiet, peaceful, and restful holiday, one where we actually had the opportunity to really thank our wonderful and glorious God. As we reflected about our time this holiday season, we really enjoyed how there was no stress on us to travel (15 hours one-way to Illinois and about the same total time to California) and no stress in general and we are thinking about breaking the news to our parents that we no longer want to travel over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and that we will visit them during other times of the year.

How many of you have stopped the family travel to your parents and how did you break the news?

(Originally posted 11-27-07)


Trish D said...

We actually decided on this "policy" before we were married. It's particularly expensive to travel over the holidays - not to mention stressful. We knew we'd be living across the country, so we told both sets of parents that we could not be traveling over the holidays. Would we miss them? Certainly. But it's sooooo much more enjoyable to visit them during non-holiday times! And we also have an open door policy here: they are more than welcome to join us for the holidays. HTH!

Anonymous said...

We kindof did that. I knew my husband since 1991 and when we got married in 1994 we still went there on Christmas Day because we didn't have children after being married for 8yrs. But ever since having my own kids I want to be home for them on Christmas Day and let them enjoy the gifts they received and relax as a family. My family is allowed over that day but we just don't want to travel if we don't have to. They only live 1hr away though so it's not too bad. We do see them another day before or after Christmas and Christmas Eve is alway my inlaws side but that's just 10 min away so I guess it's different when you are long distance and have young ones. I would start your own tradtions just like you did and not feel guilty about it. Maybe invite any of them to come every other year or you take turns and travel the week before or week after so you can still be home for your Christmas on that day. I hope that made sense.

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