Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Can Only Take Them (Our Children) So Far...

I just read a really encouraging post from Tah-Dah's Beneath the Couch Cushions entitled Raising kids, foolishness and grace.

In this post Tah-Dah reflects on the lyrics of a Rich Mullin's song "Let Mercy Lead" and says this:
How are we raising our kids? I know I've written about it often, but it's a subject dear to my heart. Are we teaching them the importance of mercy? Whose wisdom am I focusing on? Certainly knowledge is important, but "the foolishness of God" (I Cor 1:25) is absolutely vital. I'd love to know that each footprint - every muddy track as our son currently tears through life with his little sister desperately trying to keep up, and particularly as they grow larger and break new ground - will contain "a drop of grace." That they can share the truth with others, even if their hearts are broken in the process. For they will know the Healer and His peace.
For the most part, I try to be very conscious about how I am acting in front of our girls because I have quickly recognized that at their young age, it's our actions right now that clearly speak louder than any words we speak. What upsets me the most about child-rearing is the frustration I feel when I mess up horribly and sin against DearDaughter1 or just sin against God in general. It often happens when things don't go my way and despite the knowledge I have about responding in godliness I still sin.

So, what encouraged me most about Tah-Dah's post is the first few words she posted of this Rich Mullin's song (and the fact that she shared her thoughts):
Me and your mom
And all the love we have
We can only take you so far
As far as we can
But you'll need something more to guide your heart
As you grow into a man
I was reminded that we can only take our children so far because our sins keep us from taking them all the way, to heaven that is... In a way, I'd like to think that God removes His hands from us for a time to allow us to fall so that we may remember Him and learn all the more to depend, trust, and lean on Him.

As I reflect on this truth, that we can only take our children so far, I am encouraged and given hope. As I stated earlier, I am very conscious about how I act in front of my children. Perhaps I get very upset at myself because I feel like I have to act perfect all the time and when I fail it is because I've failed and have not depended upon God's grace. So the hope is this, that I am a sinner and it is God's grace that helps me grow into a godly woman which in turn will help me raise godly women (or men when we have a son/s). So, rather than being so conscious about how I act, perhaps I should focus more on what's in my heart...Am I hiding God's Word in it? For when God's Word is hid there, wouldn't the words and actions that come from me flow from what's within? It's also when I hide God's Word in my heart that I can trust what I'm teaching our girls is of God and not just works righteousness that looks good, but has no substance behind it.

Thank you God for your grace. Pour it abundantly upon us!!!

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Trish D said...

Even God, the perfect Father, had sinful children. But I am soooo thankful for His grace and mercy!

I think sometimes the world gets us so focused on "acting" the right way that it just tears us apart; it's much more important to focus on our hearts, and then the actions will follow. But of course that's a long, LONG process. Once again, I'm thankful for God's unending supply of mercy and grace as my heart is transformed.

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