Friday, November 30, 2007

A Rare Moment

This is a rare moment...The house is actually quiet and I have some time alone...

For the past few weeks, DearDaughter1 has been fighting her naps. Although I put her down in her crib for rest time, she stays up and talks loudly the whole time. Therefore, even though I get a little time alone, it's really not that restful because I hear DearDaughter1 in the background and I have to walk around quietly if I want to do anything or she'll hear me and cry out.

DearDaughter1 actually fell asleep today and I usually put DearDaughter2 down at the same time. I can actually hear myself think!

Well, I just knew that the quiet wouldn't last and that when I'd start this post, one of the girls would wake up...I was just going to write "What am I to do?" Now, I know...Get the girls up.

I've come down with a cold and have not felt like doing much of anything today. So, I looked up some local Christian bookstore and I think after nursing DearDaughter2 I am going to trek down to this bookstore and enjoy my afternoon with my girls.

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