Monday, June 04, 2007

30-Day No TV Challenge Final Update

OK, so today I can't go a whole week without turning on the TV for DearDaughter. As my pregnancy has progressed, I've had to use the TV as a baby-sitter just to help me keep DearDaughter occupied as I do chores.

So, what have I concluded to myself:
1. I will have at least 1 day where DearDaughter watches absolutely NO TV at all, but I will at least shoot for 2 days (both Saturday and Sunday). On those days I can depend on not getting much done as far as chores are concerned.

2. DearDaughter does not watch anything other than the educational shows on PBS, therefore, she isn't being badly influenced by what she watches.
.....These are the currently approved TV shows she's allowed to watch by me (not necessarily all in one day):
.....- It's a Big Big World
.....- Sesame Street
.....- Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
.....- TeleTubbies
.....- Clifford
.....- Curious George

3. I must spend quality time each day with DearDaughter, interacting with her to help her learn new skills and to challenge her mental abilities and to just have plain old fun.

4. Lastly, I must keep in mind that my main goal in child-rearing is that...

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Drawing made on 5-30-07

I will train DearDaughter in the way she should go. Teaching her when we walk along the road, when she lies down and get up. I will tie this way as a reminder on her hands so when she is old she will not turn from it. (Reference from Bible)

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