Monday, June 04, 2007

My Personal 30 Day Master Bedroom Organizational Challenge

First and Final Update

The before pictures are from last year. The only difference between then and right before I started my project was the cradle, which we removed at the end of 2006. There wasn't a drastic change as this is the last room of our house that will be completely demolished and renovated. Therefore, not too much money was spent on anything fancy.

The purpose of this project was to organize the Master Bedroom to prepare for our new arrival. Towards the end of June or early July I will start loading in some baby supplies and I wanted an organized room to start with so that it will be easy to maintain while I'll be transitioning from taking care of 1 little one to 2 little ones.

Total Expense during 30 Day Challenge: $123.20

Week of April 30-May 5, 2007:
1. Pack up crocheting supplies (yarn) into a spacebag and store in Laundry/Craft Room closet.
2. Purchase storage container for the rest of crocheting supplies and display in Laundry/Craft Room.
3. Purchase storage containers and pack up books to clear off book shelf.
4. Purchase storage container and pack up empty bird cage. (not completed)

Week of May 14-19, 2007:
1. Purchase storage container and pack up empty bird cage.
2. Freecycle electronics (ie 35mm cameras) that have been collecting dust.
3. Clean out night-stand drawer.
4. Purchase storage container and store Honeywell air filter.
5. Purchase storage container and store winter clothes. Freecycle clothes not wearing.
6. Transfer all current season clothing onto emptied bookshelf.
7. Clean out jewelry plate.
8. Leftover project from Laundry/Craft Room: Freecycle clothes that did not sell on GC YardSale.

Week of May 21-26, 2007:
1. Change out pictures and picture frame on wall and Freecycle old frames.
2. Clear out area around the coat rack.
3. Clear out dresser top:
- Clear out small basket
- Clear out wire basket
- Clear out coin plate
4. Store pillows in Spacebag. (not completed)
5. Wash all comforters and store in Spacebag. (not completed)
6. Sort through video tapes and organize.
7. Store DirectTV box (with Honeywell air filter).
8. Freecycle TV Antenna.
9. Drop off Lovenox sharps container to doctor.
10. Find a place for CrycoCuffs.

Week of May 28-June 2, 2007:
1. Store pillows in Spacebag.
2. Wash all comforters and store in Spacebag.
3. Organize clothing rack.
4. Clear out hallway.

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