Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Quick Recap of Previous Days

I completed my part of the laundry room project and just anticipated the hanging of my shelves by DearHubby.

When DearHubby arrived home, DearDaughter was quite fussy and so DearHubby cooked dinner for me. My kind attitude from the day before even extended over to the next day

My back was feeling GREAT!

I had a chiropractic appointment and then did a quick Wal-Mart run. I'm not sure what I purchased, but DearDaughter and I had lunch at Subway too.

I spent most of the day playing with DearDaughter as I wanted to give her some time with Mommy since I've been "neglecting" her needs for Mommy time.

My back really hurt at the end of the day.

I baked home made bread, made home made cookie sandwiches, and tried the Korean BBQ chicken. I spent most of the day in the kitchen and I had many helpers to get me through the day (breadmaker, oven, and crockpot). It made me wonder about the olden days because if I spent 75% of my day in the kitchen with modern help, how much time did the women spend in the kitchen without it? Boy, was cooking hard work back then!!! I did all this for DearHubby because he was doing a lot for me this day.

DearHubby put up my shelves and finished the detailed work on DearDaughter's swing set.

When DearHubby was done with the swing set, DearDaughter and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying all her outdoor toys!

My back really hurt by the end of the day. I think I overdid it!!!

Sunday School & Church

I was really tired from the day before and after lunch DearHubby gave me some time to nap. I'm glad I planned for leftovers because I was not in the mood for cooking!!!

Continued reading from Martha Peace's The Excellent Wife.

My back still was hurting from the day before so I did some stretches which relieved the pain some and then I iced my back.

I went grocery shopping and did my daily chores.

I also started a new (personal) 30-Day Organizational Challenge, our master bedroom.

I played with DearDaughter outside.

When DearHubby arrived home, my back was really hurting. (Have I been overdoing it these past few days? or did my chiropractor do something funny at the last adjustment?) I wanted to rest, but DearHubby wanted to exercise, so I tried to lay down on our bed while DearHubby exercised. It didn't work out too well as DearDaughter wanted to keep climbing on and off the bed, falling off of it a few times. So, I went into the living room to lie on the floor, but that just made my back even worse. I needed to stand under the hot shower to relieve the pain, so before that I went to start dinner by putting the pizza in the pre-heated oven. Since I couldn't bend over far enough, I burned my arm

After doing my daily reading, I spent part of the evening cleaning out our Inbox and then rested the rest of the night while DearHubby worked out on the garage tuning up our lawn mower (we have a jungle growing out there from all the rain).

Went to bed

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