Monday, April 30, 2007

Making Memories with DearDaughter

DearDaughter really loves to climb on things and so to satisfy her desire to climb things, I have been taking out the step ladder for her to climb and use as part of an obstacle course.

However, more than DearDaughter's love for climbing is her desire to just be next to Mommy, so this weekend while I was working in the kitchen, I set up the step ladder besides where ever I was working.

Well, while I was baking cookies this weekend, DearHubby just happened to snap this photograph of DearDaughter and I. I don't normally like to be in pictures, but I am happy that this particular shot was taken. I've been feeling a bit sad lately as I only have 3 months before our new Little One arrives. I've been feeling guilty for not spending enough time with DearDaughter lately as I've been consumed with trying to prepare our house for our new arrival. I know that there'll be more one on one time with DearDaughter in the future, even when our next Little One is with us, but these 3 months are the last time I'll really get to spend time with DearDaughter alone. In addition, this will probably be the last moments that I'll be DearDaugther's best friend since she will soon have a sister to be best friends with, which I do hope will happen. So, I'm glad that DearHubby snapped this photo of us because it just captures these last special moments that I have with DearDaughter.

One of DearDaughter's favorite set of books is a Sesame Street blocks set. There's 4 cushiony square blocks that open up as books; one is on love, another on kisses, another on smiles, and the last is on hugs. The one on hugs goes like this:

How do you hug?
Count along please...
1 - 2...
Two best friends
One tight squeeze

They're my favorite set of books too because they all give me an excuse to display these things to her, but my favorite one of all is the Hugs block because I get to think of DearDaughter and I as the two best friends and I get to give her one tight squeeze

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