Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our God Reigns

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Verse of the Day:
How beautiful on the mountains
.....are the feet of those who bring good news,
.....who proclaim peace,
.....who bring good tidings,
.....who proclaim salvation,
.....who say to Zion,
....."Your God reigns!"
-Isaiah 52:7-

This morning's sunrise was just majestic and I went out to take pictures as DearHubby left this morning. Well, as I stood out there, I thought how God truly has a great sense of humor and a way of giving us peace.

I was a bit frustrated this morning because I woke up with a lot of gunk on my right eye, it's burning, and all pink. I still have a lingering cough and some congestion from my upper respitory infection (yeah, from 2 or 3 weeks ago) and now it's my eye. So, this morning, I was a little slower at preparing DearHubby's breakfast and lunch because I was just frustrated by my body during this pregancy; how it's been one thing after another and the list just doesn't end.

Well, DearHubby was all set to go and I wasn't done with his lunch or breakfast and so I snapped at him. I told him about my frustration and so he told me it would be ok, but I was still so frustrated. As DearHubby was warming up the car, I waited at the window and saw the sunrise and was just taken by its beauty. Immediately, my anxious heart was calmed and a peace came over me and I went out to snap that wondrous beauty! I say God has a great sense of humor because of all the colors he chose to make the sky this morning, he chose PINK, the color of my eye. As if He was reminding me that even this eye situation is ordained by Him and that I need to trust Him because He reigns!!!

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