Monday, May 21, 2007

May 21, 2007

Verse of the Day:
“ I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.” (
1 Corinthians 1:10)

There's a lot that have been running through my mind lately and there's a lot that I'd like to write about and share. However, having a near 18-month old is a time consuming responsibility. Therefore, I will list here some things I'd like to share in future posts and hopefully, I am able to make time to write about each subject:

- Shepherding a Child's Heart
- Intimacy with our Husbands
- A "scene" at the Wal-Mart parking place (How would you respond?)
- Final update on my 30-Day No TV Challenge

- Update on my personal 30-Day Master Bedroom Organizational Challenge
- Update MyRoutine

For my own journaling sake, here's a quick rundown from this weekend:
- Put BBQ meatballs in crockpot for meal delivery, baked homemade brownies, and prepared bag for meal delivery
- Straightened out the house and did the dishes
- Ran to my OB appointment (they were behind schedule and we were there for almost 2 hours)
- Ran home to finish meal delivery preparations. Tried to reach family delivering the meal to because there was a message left on voicemail saying there was a change in plans. Couldn't get a hold of family and so I just made a decision to deliver meal according to the changed plans. Delivery went well except I forgot the rolls for the meatballs. Ran to the nearest convenience store and couldn't find any rolls. Called DearHubby to see if he could come by the church to deliver the rolls. Finally decided to just return to the church and explain that rolls still need to be purchased. They had extra rolls at home...Whew!!!
- Got home and warmed up leftovers for dinner.
- Rested after dinner because back in bad shape.

- DearHubby sick and stayed in bed all day except for 2 hours when he felt good enough to go out to the garage to work on his motorcycle.
- Caught up with the chores I missed during the week: laundry, bathroom cleaning, and vacuuming
- DearDaughter only watched 1/2 hour of TV

- DearHubby still sick and stayed in bed ALL day so we skipped church since I am also feeling under the weather (again) and so was DearDaughter
- Baked Peanut Butter cookies
- Had a DearDaughter day and she watched NO TV!!!

- Did groceries (saw "scene" in the parking lot)
- Did daily chores
- Had time in the afternoon so I bought me a Wild Mango Breeze from Baskin' Robbins with a $1 off coupon and went to Michael's and Circuit City to window shop. Also took DearDaughter to PetSmart to look at whatever animals they had on display. I wanted to trek over to Target also, but after an hour of walking around I was very tired.

The only thought I had from this weekend is that I pray that what DearHubby has is not a chronic illness. It seems like everytime he gets sick he is always bed-ridden. It made me wonder if there is more to his sickness, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or some other illness. Anyway, this weekend and even the time when DearHubby was down from his knee surgery, was very difficult for me because it made me feel like a single parent. It was very very difficult and it felt like I had no time to breathe. It seemed like every responsibility was on my shoulders and I felt burdened. I know that if it is the Lord's will for DearHubby to get sick that He will provide me with the strength and peace to persevere through the hard times, but it was difficult. What a humbling experience and I am truly amazed how spouses do love their husbands or wives enough to stay with them in SICKNESS. It takes a lot of hope, patience, and faith, and I wouldn't be sure where the source of all that would come from if there is no God.

Well, DearHubby is ready for bed so I will end here.

In Pursuit of His Call

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Sandra said...

I'm sorry your hubby has been sick and I know it's got to be hard on you right now.

Unfortunately I can totally understand the single parent thing, that's how I feel when mine gets deployed for months on end, it's a lot of responsibility and NO rest time at all for us moms.

Hope things get better soon :) You take care.


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