Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 7, 2006

The house is finally back in order after last weekend's and yesterday's activities. After our unsuccessful attempt to order new glasses for DearHubby on Sunday we decided to return to Sears tonight. Since we would be at the mall during dinner time, we also decided to have dinner at the food court. The idea of going out on a weeknight and not having to cook for the evening gave me great motivation to work hard today. My pile of dishes took a couple of hours to wash, then I worked on my daily routine. I got done with all I needed to do just as DearHubby walked in the door.

We had one of my favorite dinners tonight, Chicken Teriyaki. This particular Japanese "cafe" at the food court is one of my favorite spots to get this Chicken Teriyaki dish. It's also quite affordable, only $2.50 for a "bowl".

Sears was having a 50% off sale on all their eye wear and DearHubby's been needing a new pair of safety glasses for at least a year now. I also had a gift card that my sister gave and there was still about $50 left on it. In total, we paid about $183 out of our savings. That's pretty good for a pair of safety glasses. In addition, DearHubby was looking forward to getting a pair of nice looking frames because most safety glasses are "dorky" looking, as he describes them.

As soon as we arrived home I put DearDaughter to bed and have spent this whole time crocheting. This particular blanket I am working on is going much slower than I anticipated. I hope I get it done in time for the gift exchange.

Well, before I end this post I just want to give a little plug for the movie End of Spear. DearHubby rented that movie for us this week, which we watched last night. It's the story about the 5 missionaries (including Jim Elliot) who were killed by the Waodani tribe and the work of the gospel after the men were killed. The part that touched me the most was when the women, wives of the missionaries, first entered the tribe with Dayumae, a former tribe member, and the gospel was immediately shared with one of the men, Kimo. There was so much to be afraid of and yet the gospel just easily flowed out. What courage and faith! It is a wonderful and encouraging movie!

It's now time for bed.

Have a blessed evening,
In Pursuit of His Call

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