Monday, November 06, 2006

November 6, 2006

This weekend and this morning were filled with many challenges (but also many blessings, which I didn't realize until afterwards).

I've been doing some winter shopping for DearDaughter and she was all set with clothes to last her through the winter time except for a winter coat. On Saturday, while on the way to the store, DearHubby passed by a huge garage sale. Though I had much to do for the day, I decided to check out the garage sale, so I quickly fixed myself up and took DearDaughter with me to the garage sale. The very first thing I saw was a pile of winter coats and so I rummaged through them. Under the pile was a pink winter suit, size 12 Months. "Perfect!," I thought. I then went over by the girls' clothes and the lady running the garage sale asked me what size I was looking for and when I told her 12 Months she mentioned that another lady walked out with all the baby girl clothes. That's when I knew the winter suit was just for us. It's a nice London Fog suit and I paid only $10 for it. I decided it was a good deal as the no name brand winter coats at Wal-Mart were $25.

I also found a Clickit Tote by Legos for my niece for less than half the price so I bought that for her birthday.

The challenge for that part of the day was that I didn't have enough cash in my wallet. I called DearHubby to bring me some money since the garage sale was just a few minutes down our road. DearHubby was in the middle of a task at home and couldn't get away and asked me if I could go to the ATM myself. So, I asked the lady to hold all the items and headed to the Wawa's ATM. When I got there and checked my wallet, my debit card was not in my wallet. So, I had to call DearHubby back and asked him to still come by the Wawa. When he got there he didn't tell me that he gave me his card and I stood at the ATM entering the wrong PIN over and over again while the line behind me grew longer. I finally gave up and let the person behind me go when I noticed DearHubby's name on the card...So, I had to get in the back of the line...After that whole ordeal was done I went back to the garage sale, picked up our stuff, and mailed off the tote. I was quite frustrated through the whole situation not realizing the blessings I received from the good deals at the garage sale.

Well, we had a late dinner scheduled with friends so when I got home from the garage sale and post office I started dinner and started straightening the house for our friends. That part of the afternoon went real smooth. I even had time to go out to the garage to get out some winter clothes we had stored for DearDaughter and I weaned the out grown clothes from her closet and drawers.

DearDaughter was in bed by 7:30pm and DearHubby and I had about 15 minutes to rest before our friends showed up.

Dinner with our friends went well. The only challenge about the evening is that these friends are not believers in Christ. They are a younger single couple who both still live with their parents. They have plans to move out of their parents' home to live with one another in the Summer of '07. This couple know that DearHubby and I are Christians and understand our beliefs about pre-marital sex. Yet, as their friends, we are willing to know them as they are and are willing to hear about their life decisions. I must say that it was still a challenge hearing about their future plans. DearHubby and I didn't say much about the situation. We just listened. That evening during our prayer time, DearHubby and I prayed for wisdom and courage in how we ought to share Jesus with this couple.

The time with this young couple passed by so quickly that we didn't realize it was 1am by the time they left and we didn't get to bed until 1:45ish or maybe even 2ish.

DearDaughter woke up at 6am on Sunday and I was feeling sick and tired. Therefore, I asked DearHubby if we could stay home from church to rest and he agreed. When DearDaughter took her first morning nap, we all went down for a nap and we all slept until 11:30am.

We then took a drive in the afternoon and ended up going by Sears to check out the Optical Department. Unfortunately, the Optical Department was closed and we drove back home.

The evening brought me today's challenge. I had a meal to make for a family and called them on Sunday evening to set up a delivery time. Mr. W asked if the meal could be delivered on Monday morning. I panicked because I was planning to do groceries in the morning and to deliver the meal in the evening. I had no groceries and the meal I planned for them was meatloaf, a longer meal to prepare and cook. Therefore, I sent DearHubby to the grocery store last night to pick up some ingredients and I changed my menu to a crock pot meal. Right after DearHubby left for work this morning, I got the meal all prepared and I thought, "I am doing good". I can still do my groceries this morning, come home, put the groceries away, and then deliver the meal. As I prepared to go to the grocery store I checked up on the meal and realized that I had not plugged the crock pot. I lost 2 hours! Blessedly, I still had 4 hours before I planned to deliver the meal and so I put the crock pot on high.

Grocery shopping went well and I got home, put the groceries away, and transferred the prepared meal in a storage dish. The next challenge was finding the place. Mapquest did not have the directions and the area where I was told to go was under construction. Needless to say, I got lost. I lost about 20 minutes and didn't get the meal delivered until noon. In fact, I missed Mr. W because he had gone out by this point with his grandson.

Mrs. W is suffering from cancer which has completely taken over her body. She is being taken care of at home and they are just waiting for her passing. My heart was just broken at the sight of this woman and as I walked out the door, I started crying. It made me hope for her passing even sooner as I knew that she would be with our Lord and no longer suffering. I cried for most of the drive home and prayed for the Lord to be with Mr. W as he watched his DearWife go.

Of all the years I've been delivering meals, I have never delivered to anyone with such a grave illness. Though this meal gave me a challenge in its preparation and delivery, it was such a blessing because it once again put everything in life back into perspective. This woman was doing well only 5 weeks ago and in just this short time, her earthly life has been taken from her. She literally looked already dead. It just reminded me of Ecclesiastes 5:15, "Naked a man comes from his mother's womb, and as he comes, so he departs." We come and go with nothing, therefore, everything in this life and after is a gift of God! What other purpose do we have other than to glorify and enjoy God?

God gave me trivial challenges these past few days to reveal to me AGAIN just how quick tempered I am. Through all these challenges, I had a sour and angry attitude. I am honored that the Lord humbled me in the way that He did through Mrs. W. May God give me the strength and courage to live this life only for Him and His glory!

I've got more to do this day, just wanted to recap before I forget this life's lesson.

In Pursuit of His Call

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