Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8, 2006

Yesterday was Election Day for Congress and Governors. The Democrats dominated in the House and Gubernatorial races. However, according to the results, the GOP and Democrats came in even for the Senate race with 2 Independant candidates winning a seat each. DearHubby and I did not vote. When we moved we did not register in our new state and that was about 6 years ago. We will register before the next Presidential Election.

Today was a dreary and rainy day, so I stopped and smelled the roses. When I worked full time my colleagues used to tease me about being such a workaholic. One colleague, especially, used to ask me if I ever stopped to smell the roses. So, I took advantage of today's dreary day to catch up with some people I've been thinking about, which were the sweet roses I smelled today.

One of my friends, Mrs. L, is pregnant with her first baby and I remembered that she was due for her 20 week ultra sound. So, I gave her a call and sure enough, they did have the ultra-sound done. They are having a little girl. It was such exciting news!!!

Another one of my friends, Mrs. A, is also pregnant. She was on bedrest for the past couple of weeks because of 2 hematomas found in her uterus. Her weekly ultra-sound revealed that the one disappeared and the second has shrunk. Also, since the baby has grown and is bigger than the blood clot, there is less of a concern now. DearHubby and I have been praying for this friend and I praise God for His faithful watch-care over them.

A third friend, Mrs. C, asked for prayer for her and her mom. Her mom just had some spots removed from her nose which were skin cancer. Her mom's dermatologist was concerned for a couple of my friend's spots and did a biopsy on her and she is a bit concerned about it. DearHubby and I will pray for Mrs. C.

Lastly, I called my mom and my sister to just confirm our Thanksgiving plans when we get to California. DearHubby and I are excited for our trip. This will be the first vacation DearHubby has taken all year. It will be so nice to get away.

You would think I love talking on the phone, but I am hardly a phone person at all. In fact, I have challenged myself to pick up the phone at least once a week to catch up with someone and to let that person know that I care and am thinking about them. I truly dislike phone conversations. My greatest fear is not having anything to say and then having that long moment of silence.

Anyway, aside from all those phone calls, I was also able to get my daily chores done. Most of it was done this morning before DearDaughter got really cranky. I interrupted her morning nap with one of my phone calls and she only had a few minutes of rest. She couldn't go back to sleep and I tried for 2 hours to get her to go down. Finally, I decided to just get her up and that left her cranky and clingy. I knew that when it came time for her afternoon nap she'd fight that one too, so I didn't even try putting her in her crib. Instead, we went for a drive. The second the car started rolling, DearDaughter fell asleep. I drove for a few minutes then came back home. I kept the car running while I sat back and enjoyed 2 books: Be Joyful and Professionalizing Motherhood. I let Little G sleep for 1 1/2 hours.

DearHubby is currently out in the garage working on compiling scrap steel to sell this Saturday. I will probably post some excerpts from Professionalizing Motherhood after writing this and if I have time continue working on my gift exchange blanket. On Wednesday nights DearHubby and I stop to watch Lost. That is one of the only shows we like to watch on TV.

Have a blessed evening,
In Pursuit of His Call

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