Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November 1, 2006 - Evening

Today was a challenging day. DearDaughter was very unhappy and very fussy from her cold. I finally gave her 0.8mL of Tylenol after her lunch which helped her just a bit. However, it was difficult getting chores completed today as I spent much time comforting DearDaughter. DearDaughter just wanted to be held and so I took my carrier out of storage and carried DearDaughter around with me while I did my chores. I did that as long as my back could last. I was able to get all of my chores completed with the exception of folding yesterday's and today's laundry. Once again, I am grateful for leftovers as I was not in the mood to cook after such a tough day.

When DearHubby got home from work we took a walk along our road and was able to get a few fall pictures before sunset...

I have decided to put off folding the laundry until tomorrow and end my day here. I plan to do some crocheting before bedtime and at 9pm DearHubby and I will relax together to watch Lost.

Here are the pictures from today...

Tree Line in the Fall

Country Road in the Fall

Fall foliage


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