Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November 1, 2006 - Early Morning

Sometimes I wish I can just go back to bed after DearHubby leaves. However, I know that if I don't take advantage of this time I have I'll never have another opportunity in the day to have a time all to myself to do my devotions and even to think. Also, since the time change, DearDaughter has been waking earlier which gives me even less time.

I was so glad when yesterday's work was over. I struggled to get everything done and I didn't even get to folding the one batch of laundry I had. It wasn't a very busy day, but DearDaughter was a little fussy because she doesn't feel too well. She had a runny nose all day and by her fussiness I am guessing that she felt bad too.

Now, I'm going to list those tasks I accomplished yesterday just to reward myself for getting those things done. I did my devotions, started my e-mail Inbox clean-up project for the week, I paid the bills, cleaned the toilets and the main bathroom, I did the dishes and put 1 load of laundry in the washer and dryer, I vacuumed the hallway and entry-way and surface vacuumed the living room, and I took a trip to the Post Office to mail our bills and a trip to the bank to deposit some checks. In between, I had the opportunity to call a friend in Pittsburgh, PA, played with DearDaughter outside (in addition to comforting her more than usual), and gave DearDaughter a bath. At the end of the day I was so relieved that we were having leftovers as I had no more energy to cook.

Every Monday DearHubby rents a movie for $0.99 and after putting DearDaughter down for bed we watched The Lake House. I would give it a 3 star rating out of 5. The movie is a bit slow and there is mild cursing even though it's rated PG. It's about a man and a woman who fall in love with one another by writing letters back and forth to each other, but they're living in 2 different years; the man is in 2004 while she is in 2006. I don't want to ruin the ending, so you'll just have to see the movie yourself. It stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

Lastly, DearHubby and I talked a bit before our devotion time. He mainly asked for prayer about his job situation. He mentioned that next June he'll be at this company for 9 years, but he's discouraged that even after 9 years he doesn't feel like his opinions matter much. I worked at the same company and I told DearHubby that while I was there, unfortunately, I discovered that in most cases there is a decision already made at the top about what to do and that he is just one of those players getting the job done. I asked DearHubby what would cause him to leave his current job because his purpose at this job or another job is the same, to exemplify Christ in all he does and to glorify and testify about God. Therefore, if there is a desire to leave, then take serious action to leave. If not, then be content. However, I am not one to speak by example. At the end of my engineering career I was so discouraged that I couldn't even wait to give a 2 weeks notice. One day I just had enough of all the company politics and decided that I no longer wanted to work. I spoke with DearHubby that evening and turned in my badge the next day. Therefore, though my response to DearHubby was a bit cold and unsympathetic, I truly understand his discouragement and I prayed that the Lord would help him persevere with Christ-likeness while he is still there.

Ahhh, this is a long entry and I actually have one more thought. I couldn't believe that DearHubby will be at this company for 9 years, almost 10. It made me think back to how old I was when I worked at this company and I am surprised that I was only 22!!! No one ever told me how quickly life goes by, but just recently, a friend told me that life goes by even faster the older one gets. I was a bit sad when I thought about all those years that have already gone by and how they truly are going by quicker with each passing year. The only thought that could give me peace is that every day brings us closer to our Heavenly Father.

Have a blessed day!!!

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