Friday, November 03, 2006

I Use Paper (Plates That Is)

I don't have a dish washer and one of the chores that I used to fall behind in were the dishes. There used to be days when I couldn't get to the dishes and by the end of the week I would have a stack of dishes all over the counter and in the sink. Then, I would literally spend all day washing the pile of dishes, not leaving any time for anything else to do. To keep from doing the dishes, we used to completely do all paper (plates, forks, and cups) when I worked, but when I quit my job that became too costly. So, I have combined the 2 ideas for days when I know I will not have time to do dishes. I will use paper plates the night before my busy day so that all I will not have much to wash the next day. I also use paper on the weekends when we don't have any company so that I don't have to think about dishes and I can enjoy spending time with the family. By only using paper on days I know I will be busy and using regular dishes on "normal" days, my paper supply lasts longer.

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