Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Laughter is an Instant Vacation

Laughter is an instant vacation.
- Milton Berle
(Quote from
Basic Quotations)

My husband and I are part of our local Freecycling group and just recently we acquired a stationary exercise bike. Realizing that we get what we pay for we weren't expecting a brand new exercise bike and as it turned out it was an older model type bike, the type where you have to manually adjust the tension with a knob. When DearHubby picked up the bike the owner told him that the bike works perfectly except that it shakes when you use it. As DearHubby inspected the bike over he realized that the owner installed the brakes backwards, which is why the bike shakes.

Anyway, DearHubby needed this bike for his knee rehabilitation. He got into a dirt bike accident which tore up his knee and resulted in arthroscopic knee surgery. He was riding his bike during the summer time, but now that the temperature's gotten colder he decided that a stationary bike would be best. Thus, our acquisition of the stationary bike.

DearHubby is a "gear-head", a car/motorcycle/anything mechanical enthusiast, and while waiting for me to hop into bed last night DearHubby ran into an interesting article in his Hot Rod magazine. As I hopped into bed DearHubby exclaimed his amazement, "Building a motor that makes 1,700 horsepower was unheard of back in college and now it's possible!!!"

"What's the purpose of building a car with that much power?"
"It's a guy thing. Guys just want to show off the fact that a car can be built with that much power!"
"I don't understand. A motor that big is just a huge gas guzzler. Is it built for racing?"
"It could be used for racing."
"Would you race a car like that?"
"We don't even have the money to think about building a car like that, let alone racing one. We don't even have the money for me to race motorcycles anymore. What's it come down to? What can I afford to race? Bicycles? I don't think we even have enough money for me to race Bicycles. The only thing I can afford to race are stationary bikes!"

By this time, DearHubby and I are hysterically laughing because we are both thinking about the stationary bike we got for FREE that shakes when you use it.

Ahh, it was a good laugh! Yes, laughter is an instant vacation and it was nice to take one with DearHubby even for just a moment.

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