Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tip...Auto Soak It

Did you know that there is an Auto Soak setting on your washer? I have a 15 minute Auto Soak and a 30 minute Auto Soak. Wow, has this been a time saver for me! I have 3 little girls so I have to preserve my eldest's clothes for hand me downs. Well, I used to hand wash all the clothes that had stains on them until I discovered Oxi-Clean and Auto Soak. I spray the stained clothing with the Oxi-Clean spray, put a scoop of Oxi-Clean powder (along with regular detergent) in with the load, and set the washer to Hot and a 30 minute Auto Soak. No fail, the stains are gone at the end of the wash cycle! No more hand washing!

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