Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Homeschooling...In the Beginning...

Well, DearDaughter1 has always been a fast learner and has been a self-motivator towards learning. She "taught" herself how to write her own name and she is just eager to absorb, absorb, absorb.

This week is our church's VBS. I was hesitant about sending DearDaughter1 to VBS because of a conviction on me. It was hard enough juggling 2 little ones and so when DearDaughter3 was added to our family, it became even harder juggling 3 little ones. So, as noted here on this blog, I literally sat down to write out a schedule so that I knew when I would spend one on one time with each of my girls. I was doing well with our routine and was having a lot of fun with each one of my children, until we went on vacation. I have not been able to get back to a good routine again and haven't had good one on one time with any of them. When a DearFriend reminded me about VBS, I became convicted of the lack of one on one time I was spending with my girls. I thought about how parents are called to teach their children about God, but how I have not taken the opportunity to do that lately. I've just been trying to survive. So, it made me feel bad that I was sending DearDaughter1 to VBS so that someone else would teach her about God and Jesus. She should be hearing about those things first from her parents, not from an "outsider."

When I talked my concerns over with DearHubby he told me that it's good that I was convicted and VBS could now be a stepping stone or catalyst to my teaching our children here at home. Well, I have taken advantage of the momentum of VBS and I am so excited to launch our efforts at homeschooling. After VBS, DearDaughter1 and I have been spending time recapping her day, her lesson, and her memory verse. It's great as VBS has provided us with some structure this week on our Bible Lesson time. I have then been printing out activity sheets from 3 preparatory workbooks for preschool. The activities so far has been working on some motor skills, like drawing a line, and coloring as well as matching skills (ie the same as). I also ordered Rod and Staff's preschool curriculum and after we finish these preparatory workbooks, I will begin DearDaughter1 on the preschool curriculum.

•Adventures with Books
•Bible Stories to Read
•Bible Pictures to Color
•Counting with Numbers
•Do It Carefully
•Everywhere We Go
•Finding the Answers

At this time I would like to focus on a few priorities:
•Getting DearDaughter1 used to reading the Bible every day
•Biblically based character training
•Getting DearDaughter1 used to "reading" easy to read stories
•Practicing her fine motor skills
•If she's ready, start DearDaughter in a phonics program, reading, writing, and math

I am very excited as I have found a place to start!

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