Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Home Life...

For the past (almost) 10 years, DearHubby and I have made it a point to go to bed at the same time. If he's needed to stay up, I stay up and wait for him and vice versa. Then, right before bedtime we read our daily Scripture reading and pray together and then it's off to sleep. Therefore, I am so thankful to DearHubby for allowing me to stay up past him, after our devotion time, these past couple of nights just to finish my house work. I've been having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things. Well, it was already hard maintaining a regular routine before vacation, and so when you're behind in extra tasks, it just makes it all the more a challenge to get back to a normal routine after vacation.

In addition, the 2 littlests ones have been under the weather. DearDaughter2 broke out with a skin rash yesterday all over her body and DearDaughter3 has had a fever all day long. I took them to the doctor today, another break in routine, to get them checked out. DearDaughter2 was given Benadryl and a steroid itch cream. I was told to monitor DearDaughter3. If her fever doesn't break with Tylenol by tomorrow then I am to return for a UTI test. I'm not looking forward to that as they would need to take the sample through a cathedar. So, I am praying that the fever breaks.

It was an eye opener to me when I didn't have 5 other people in the room with me to keep an eye on the girls. It's no wonder being on vacation was so much easier, I had 10 eyes on them when we were on vacation versus my only 2 here at home.

Well, I'm off to bed. I hope things will start to settle back to "normal" soon.

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Donalacasa said...

How nice it must be to go to bed at the same time. Friend Hubby and I have not been able to do that for some time because of our different work schedules. We have our schedule set so that we can spend our time together in the evenings and at the dinner table.

I hope your little ones are better soon.


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