Friday, April 17, 2009

Snippet from the Day

Housekeeping...It amazes me how I am motivated to clean when I have guests coming over. My in-laws will be with us next week and my parents the week after. I deep cleaned our kitchen counter, stove, microwave, and kitchen window yesterday. Today I cleaned out our pantry. They all needed the cleaning badly... So, is it because I'm lazy or are my priorities in other places? Where should cleaning come on the priority list?

I need to remember my Housekeeping Mission Statement to find that answer and "balance".

Kiddos...I wondered (on Wednesday) what DearDaughter2 will come up with next (after marker scribbles all over her face on Tuesday and then chocolate frosting covered living room on Wednesday)...Well, today, it's a broken glass mug. Blessedly, I heard the breaking glass and ran out before one of the girls got hurt. This was DearHubby's favorite mug... I hope I can find a replacement mug :-(

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