Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funday Friday...The Philadelphia Zoo

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On Friday, February 27th, the girls and I went to the zoo with Mrs. L and Little A. The Philly Zoo has a special in February where you "pay the weather". So, on days that are 40 degrees, you would pay $4, on days that are 50 degrees, you would pay $5, and so on. It beats the regular winter price of $12.95 per person. On this day, the temperature high, I guess, was in the 60s because I paid $6 for me and DearDaughter1. The biggest expenditure was parking, $12, YIKES!

We met Mrs. L and Little A near the entrance and had corn chicken soup for lunch accompanied with some sandwiches, apples, and ginger snaps!

After lunch we walked around for a couple of hours. The girls all loved naming the animals and Little A was the fearless one on this outing as she chased after whatever animal she could, especially at the petting zoo. DearDaughter2 came a close second for most fearless as she didn't mind chasing after the goats at the petting zoo, but she was still too shy to pet them. DearDaughter1 wasn't at all interested in petting any animal. She was ok being a mere spectator.

It was scheduled to rain at 3pm and the girls and I made it back to the car just in time, before the hard rain hit us!

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