Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pregnancy...Feeling Back Pains and a No Sweet Sorrow Parting

Today is one of those days where I wish I could just have some time to myself.

DearHubby and I worked out at the gym last night. We went back after a 2 month break (because of the holidays and illnesses) on Saturday and it felt really good!!! I even felt really good last night after our workout. We changed my workout routine a bit to fit my pregnancy, but I still work up a pretty good sweat and I am always filled with a lot of energy when I exercise. Anyway, so DearHubby and I are trying to get back to a good exercise routine again.

Well, yesterday, DearDaughter2's nose started running in the afternoon. By the evening time, her nose was stuffed up and she couldn't breathe. Despite my efforts to suck out the mucus, she still stayed stuffed up and could not go to sleep. Every 15 minutes she was up and standing at her crib railing crying out for "Mommy". So I had to roll over, get up, and put her down to bed. The previous night, DearHubby struggled with DearDaughter2's wakings (now we know why she was waking up, she wasn't feeling too well) and so I told DearHubby that I'd take care of DearDaughter2 last night. I probably got in and out of bed until 1am.

Combined with the exercise workout, the rolling in and out of bed, and the lack of rest, my back gave out on me this morning. It's not as bad as it has been in the past because I can still walk, but my back is tight and I get a spasm every so often. It makes lifting DearDaughter2 painful and she's been asking to be held a lot this morning for comfort's sake.

My DearFriends have offered to watch the girls when ever I feel like I need time alone...It's so nice of them...But with this sore back, I don't want to get the girls' diaper bag prepared nor do I want to go through the hastle of trying to round them up to get their coats and shoes on nor do I want to chase after them to get them in the car nor do I want to bend over to buckle them in their car seats nor do I want to drive 10 to 20 minutes to get to a friend's house, spend another 10 to 20 minutes getting the girls unloaded and settled, and then another 10 to 20 minutes driving back home. I'm already tired and sore just thinking about that and then by the time I get home to try to get some rest, my mind would be so busy thinking about the things I could be doing while the girls are out, and then I'd probably only have an hour at home alone, before I'd have to go back and get the girls again. I don't know...

So, onto other pregnancy news, yesterday I had an OB appointment and after seeing the Nurse Practitioner I wanted to meet with my doctor in her private office to have a nice private talk with her about switching practices. I wanted to tell her that it's been a hard decision, but unfortunately DearHubby and I are thinking about switching practices. I wanted to let her know how much I really appreciated the care she's provided to me for the past 5 years. I wanted to let her know that this would be a hard parting since she was with me through my miscarriage and with me as we delivered both my girls. However, as I tried to schedule an appointment with my doctor, the receptionist had no sympathy to my request and said, "You're not scheduled to come in for another 2 weeks. You need to wait the 2 weeks. That doctor is not available anyway until 2 weeks." I pleaded with the receptionist and said, "I really need to meet with this doctor next week. It's really an urgent issue and I need to talk to her." She looked around the room at the other receptionists and had to consult them about it and they all said that because I was scheduled to come in in 2 weeks anyway, then I would need to wait the 2 weeks. As I was in the middle of this conversation, this doctor walked in and I asked the receptionist if I could speak to her now. She was really hesitant to give the doctor a holler and so I called the doctor over. It wasn't the way I wanted to say all the things I wanted to say and I didn't even get to say all the things I wanted to say. I just informed my doctor of our desire to switch practices, all the while everyone around us is trying to hear our conversation. The doctor was disappointed in this decision, but since we were out in public, we could not talk in detail about this decision. All my doctor could do was say, "You will need to sign a record release form to take your records." It was an awkward parting and though I made an appointment to see her in 2 weeks, if all goes well with my consult with this new practice, this might have been the last time for me to see this doctor. This parting was not such sweet sorrow.

I have a consult meeting with a midwife at the new practice on Monday, February 23rd.

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