Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Life...Dessert Social and a Movie

So we had a dessert social last night at the church and I signed up to bring a favorite dessert. When I signed up, I didn't see anyone list chocolate chip cookies and that's what I decided to bring. I thought I had all the ingredients at home and I didn't leave any room to go shopping if I needed to. All went well until I got to the butter part. I normally have a good butter stock in the fridge, but I guess I forgot to restock and I did not have any butter at all and the recipe called for 3/4 cups of butter. I did, however, have Country Crock spread and decided that I could use that for a substitute. They turned out to be the YUCKIEST tasting cookies I've ever made. I was so embarrassed to even bring them to the social. I wanted to just slip in and place the plate of cookies on the table without being noticed, but we walked in a little late and I had to walk past every one to get to the dessert table. So, as I made my way over to the table, people stuck their hands out to grab a cookie from the plate. There went my plan to be incognito as the baker of THOSE cookies. To my surprise, though, at the end of the night, the plate of cookies was empty. There must have been enough individuals to take 1 cookie because as DearHubby tasted them, he said, "I would not have gone back for seconds and I love chocolate chip cookies."

Well, the whole purpose for last night's gathering at the church was to watch the movie Fireproof. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I would highly recommend it! It's about a couple who is having marital problems and are on the verge of divorce. The husband was given a love dare by his own father to learn what unconditional love means in 40 days to save his marriage. This is an awesome movie for anyone as the message of the gospel is shared to the audience, the movie is clean with no swearing, no sex or sexual innuendos, and no violence. As I watched this movie, I thought that this is the kind of movie that should fill movie theatres. Everything about it is so positive and the gospel is preached. I cannot say enough about this movie, except..."Go see it!"

The church provided child care and so it was a nice date night for DearHubby and I. It was a nice evening.


Suz said...

Loved the movie too! I want to get a copy for home so we can watch it for inspiration & to remind us how important we are to each other.

crystal said...

We have watched the movie, we own it now and watch it at least once a week to remind ourselves of how we are to love each other and everyone else..... What a nice date for yall.

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