Monday, December 01, 2008

November 30 - December 6, 2008

Weekly Devotions: Romans 1 - Romans 5

Projects of the Week: Organize toys in the laundry room
Bathroom Area of the Week: Overall Main Bathroom, Clean Toilet

Sunday: The Lord's Day! (home from church, DearHubby is sick with Pneumonia)
- Grocery shopping

- Catch up with weekend chores
- Call OB for check-up appt - 2:45pm
- Fold laundry & wash sheets & towels
- Change sheets
- Order heating oil

- Girls' baths
- Trim girls' nails
- Coordinate girls' picture date
- With time, do #1 on Want list


- Thank you note to DearFriend Patti and daughter for their care on Saturday & MAIL
- Go through toys and clothes for Goodwill & DELIVER
- Call JC Penny and make appointment for pictures
- Chicken in crock pot by NOON
- Trim DearDaughter1's nails
- Fold laundry & wash DearHubby and my laundry
- Finish Christmas gift list
- Clean Main BATHROOM
- With time, do #1 on Want list


- 8:30am - Chiropractic Appt
- #1 on Want list
- Finalize Christmas gift list
- Clean Main BATHROOM
- Fold laundry & wash sheets
- Start toy organization in laundry room
- With time, do #5 on Want list


- 8:30am - Meet friends at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast
- 2:00pm - DearDaughter2's follow up appointment
(DearDaughter2 in ER from midnight to 4am for Pneumonia symptoms)
- Wal-Mart run - diapers, wipes, bananas, AAA batteries, Children's Motrin
- Complete ordering Christmas gifts online

- 11:10am - DearDaughter1's 3 year old pics, Girls' Christmas Pics
- Target run - gift cards, DearBrotherInLaw's Christmas gift, $50 personal gift card

- Girls' baths

- Hair cut
- Grocery
- Old Navy denim sale
- Toy organization project

Laundry room project:

Want to do list:
1. Make an extra invitation & thank you note for DearDaughter1's b-day party for scrap book
2. Thank you notes to:
- Mrs. Greiner (PJs, Stuffed Cow, "A Day With Mom" book)
- MyMom (clothes, card, $$$)
- MyMotherInLaw ($$$)
- MySisterInLaw (Wal-Mart gift card)
3. Slide show of DearDaughter1's b-day party
4. File paperwork in Out Box
5. Catch up on Budget

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