Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home Life...Taking a Break from the Hustle and Bustle

I have been working on Christmas cards, baking cookies, and delivering gifts all week! As a result, the house looked like a tornado ran right through it. I didn't think I'd have time today to get chores done, but providentially DearHubby left work late and his buddy, who was stranded on a bridge going home, called him for help. DearHubby and I had planned to exercise at the gym tonight, but his buddy's call for help gave me time to take a break from the hustle and bustle and get things tidied up here at home. Tonight was also my night to take a break from cooking and we went out for pizza. There's a local hoagie shop that sells upside down pizza, yummy, for 1/2 price on Thursdays. A large pizza, which will provide our family with 2 dinners, cost us less than $7 on 1/2 price night!!! What an awesome deal!!! So, I was able to get all the dishes done and not worry about any more getting dirty for the day. I feel so relieved because I can finally see my table top, counter top, couch, and floor again!

Some chores I need to get done still: bathroom cleaning and laundry. I hope I can get to them some time this weekend. Tomorrow I have a brunch with a local DearFriend whom I haven't seen in almost 6 months. It's so crazy...She lives only 10 minutes away from me and yet with our busy schedules, mosty because she went back to work, we have not been able to catch up (and every time we try to talk on the phone, the girls always seem to get into some sort of "trouble"). We're doing our family Christmas on Saturday because we are flying out to California on Christmas day. Then, on Sunday, I am hoping to have the V's over. We had planned to have them over for dessert last night, but that didn't work out as the lady of the household was sick. So, I am hoping to reschedule for Sunday as we do have some gifts to give to them...

I had an interesting talk to my chiropractor yesterday. He told me that he thought Christmas was a silly holiday. Then he asked me if I was the one that didn't celebrate Christmas. I told him that I was the one that does not do Santa Clause, but yes, we do celebrate Christmas. I told him that we tell our children that we celebrate Christmas because it's Jesus' birthday...Then, he changed the subject to Easter and how he thought that was a sillier holiday with the Easter bunny and all. I told him that we celebrate Easter as a time of remembering Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and being raised back up to life again. His comment, "Yeah, people have lost the true meaning of these holidays." It was an interesting conversation and though we didn't get to talk much, I hope that even the little words of truth I said will work in his heart.

Off to bed...

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