Friday, December 05, 2008


Today the girls and I went to the mall to get DearDaughter1's 3 year old pictures taken as well as the girls' Christmas pictures. The parking lot was crazy full, waiting for an accident to happen, and it did, to the girls and I.

As I was driving around looking for a parking space, I drove down an aisle where one car started to pull out. Opposite me was another car waiting for the space. I stopped to give both cars enough room to maneuver out of the parking space and in. While this "transaction" was taking place, the car I stopped behind started to back up. I saw the driver look left and right and hit her brakes and so I thought she saw me. A second later, the driver let off of her brakes and rammed her car right into mine. I really had no where to move. There was no room in front of me because of the 2 cars making their switch in and out of the parking spot and no room behind me because of the traffic. So, I just sat there and watched this lady backed her car into mine. I quickly honked my horn because even after impact, I don't think she still knew that she hit something.

We both got out and inspected our cars. There was no major damage to either of our cars. DearHubby hasn't really inspected the car yet to say whether there is or not. We decided not to call the police, but we did exchange insurance information.

I thank God that she pulled out slowly and didn't step on the acceleration when she thought everything was clear and I am grateful that no one got hurt! Despite annoying obstacle to my day, for some reason the only thing I can think about is how thankful I am for God's mercy in protecting all of us!

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