Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's in Your Bag?

For about a year now I've been using a Jansport backpack as my diaper bag. To keep it organized, I used ziplock bags to keep different sets of items separated (ie diapers in one ziplock, snacks in another, etc...). However, even with the use of ziplock bags, my bag still seemed cluttered and I still had trouble finding things. In addition, the ziplock bags didn't last very long and within a week or two they needed replacing or else things would fall out.

Well, while I was in California my mom surprised me by giving me this lovely Vera Bradley backpack. She bought it on sale, but even on sale, it was still a $72 bag. I was excited to use this backpack, but for some reason, the ziplock bags just didn't seem to be living up to this exquisite bag. Therefore, though we don't really have the money for me to do it, I went out and bought several items to help keep my bag clutter free.

A new wallet. My old wallet was way too big which allowed me to just keep stuffing more and more things in it. I still chose a full sized wallet so that I could keep my check book in it too, but this wallet has to be buttoned to be closed and if it is too full it will not close. I was forced to take out all the credit cards I don't even use and only keep the ones I do use. (Just for clarification sake, we use one main credit card to build points on, and is paid off every month. I then have an Old Navy, The Children's Place, and card that we use just to get discounts off of those places since we shop there fairly regularly. They too are also paid off immediately.) I also had to clean out the many miscellaneous items in the wallet. The only things that can fit in this new wallet are the main credit cards and membership cards (ie grocery and medical cards) I use, my check book, and a few coins. Anything more and it will not close.

A portable changing station bag. This carrier is made by Skip Hop. It opens up like a book and each side has a pocket on it. The one side comes with a wipes container for your wipes and it's roomy enough to carry at least 2 diapers in it. This side's pocket is made out of mesh so you can see through it and it has an elastic top to easily access the diaper and wipes. The other side comes with a thin changing pad and this side's pocket can be zipped to have other miscellaneous changing needs. I have packed diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for DearDaughter1 in case of an accident, and a roll of ducky diaper bags in this cool carrier.

A flat nylon envelope. Made by Real Simple, this nylon envelope is magnetic to stick on the fridge. I bought this to put my receipts in after shopping. I bought a second one for my fridge so that DearHubby can stick his receipts in it too.

A flat pencil pouch. This pencil pouch carries my Plan Ahead weekly/monthly planner.

A medium sized organizational pouch. Made by Real Simple, this organizational pouch carries my "cosmetics" (ie lotion, lipstick, chapstick) and a bottle of Tylenol.

A small sized organizational pouch. Made by Real Simple, this organizational pouch carries the girls' comb and brush.

A snack bag. Purchased from Oriental Trading, the bag says "Count each day as a blessing". This bag is small enough to fit small snacks and a bottled water in it.

I am very excited about my new and organized back pack! I have all the children's items separated so that if I do need to leave the bag with a sitter or if I need to only take out my items, I can do it lickety split! And needless to say, it's so much easier finding stuff that I need because I know right where to go.

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crystal said...

How pretty and organized. I love the different little pouches for stuff....

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