Monday, September 29, 2008

Funday Friday

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The girls and I were scheduled to go on a hayride and pumpkin picking with DearDaughter1's best friend on Friday. However, it rained and I decided to have DearDaughter1's best friend and Mommy over for lunch and a play date.

The girls had a wonderful time! DearDaughter1 and Little R hadn't really played with each other since we got back from California. They were really excited to see each other. Yet, despite their excitement, DearDaughter1 still had some problems with sharing her toys so about 40% of the time the girls had to be refereed about this toy or that.

At the end of the day, when Little R and her Mommy needed to leave, both girls got really sad. They hadn't even left yet and DearDaughter1 said, "I miss R." Little R said, "I want to stay here forever. I love G." It was the cutest thing.

DearDaugher2 felt loved too. DearDaughter1 and Little R tried to include Baby into their play.

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crystal said...

How cute! I'm glad they had fun.


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