Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Should I Do Today?

I received a call from DearFriend Y informing me that there will be a change in her travel plans. Instead of coming on Friday, she is thinking of being here either on Saturday or Monday. In the midst of her travels here in the U.S. she was asked to stop by Pittsburgh to pick up some things for a friend in Japan. There's a lot of reasons why she should stay in Pittsburgh until Monday and so I am expecting her to tell us that she'll be here on Monday night instead of Friday afternoon and cut our visit short from 5 1/2 days to just 1 1/2 days :(

As I posted earlier in the week, I am really anticipating DearFriend Y's visit. So much so that I was anxious about it and was cleaning like crazy! Well, after some responses to my anxiety, I realized how silly it was to make our family look "perfect", and was able to seek God to calm my anxious heart. As a result, I was able to prioritize what to clean and prepare here at home and got all that I needed to done yesterday.

I was excited because everything was falling into place and all I needed to do today was surface clean the bathroom, set up our bed in the unfinished baby room, and do grocery shopping. These are all last minute tasks that should be done right before DearFriend Y arrives. So, now I have a free day and I don't have a "back up" plan. What should I do today?

Just another example of plans not working out...

I wonder what BIG change God has in store for us...I feel like He's been teaching me about being flexible with change and accepting when plans don't work out in little increments, as if He's preparing us for some sort of BIG change and some sort of BIG disappointment (in our view) where our plans don't work out and He's wanting me to learn through these little situations that though our plans fail, His plans are still good, eternal, and perfect!

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