Friday, July 25, 2008

Funday Friday

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When DearDaughter1 was born, my MotherInLaw offered to pay for monthly update pictures done at a studio. Today was picture day so we spent a good part of our day at the mall. Since DearDaughter2 turned 1 this Tuesday, we did her 1 year old photos today. I brought a birthday cupcake for her to just dig into while the photographer snapped those picture perfect moments, but DearDaughter2 was distracted by all that was going on that she wasn't too interested in the cake. I ultimately just smeared frosting on her face and body. Unfortunately the grocery store's bakery only had cupcakes in blue and green frosting, so DearDaughter2, in her diapers, looked like a boy with the frosting smeared all over her. If she weren't sitting on a pink blanket, no one would have been able to tell she is a girl.

After our photo sitting, we had lunch at the food court. We had BBQ chicken and white rice from a Chinese place.

I normally would let DearDaughter1 run around the digital play area after lunch, but I wanted to get to Old Navy before DearDaughter2's naptime. I had a coupon for 4 free photo sheets from the photo studio and I decided that we would do family pictures at that time. I was thinking of doing all black tops and I saw black tanks on sale at Old Navy the other day. The Old Navy I knew that had those tops was the one near my house, which meant I needed to pack the girls up and leave the mall.

A Lesson in Stealing. As I was packing the girls in the car, I found a mini photo album in our stroller that we did not purchase. DearDaughter1 took the photo album while I was paying. So, I had to pack the girls back up into the stroller and walk back to the photo studio in the mall. As we walked back, I explained to DearDaughter1 that taking the photo album without paying for it is stealing. She took something that did not belong to her and that is not good. When we got to the photo studio, I made DearDaughter1 hand back the photo album and apologize for stealing. I was very proud of DearDaughter1 for being so good about returning the photo album. I could see that she really felt bad for taking the photo album.

A Great Deal! We did get to Old Navy and I did get the black tops, however, the best deal I got was a knit sweater on sale for $4.50 from $19.50. That's 77% off the original price! Sweet! So, I got matching sweaters for both girls, ready for fall!

A Lesson in One Anothering. Later in the day, we went to deliver a meal for a family at church. This was a good opportunity to teach DearDaughter1 about "one anothering" in the church body. While I was preparing the food, DearDaughter1 kept asking me who the food was for and why. So, I kept explaining that there is a family who is not able to cook their food right now and since we are able to cook, we are helping this family by cooking for them. DearDaughter1 enthusiastically helped me pack the food up!

On the way to delivering this meal, we passed by a lake and I stopped at its parking lot and asked one of the ladies getting out of her car if the lake was open to the public for swimming. She said it was and the nice thing is that it is actually FREE!!! She then told me of a nicer free lake. I think the girls and I will check it out next week!

Our last outing was with Daddy. We got ice cream at Baskin Robbins. We are part of the birthday club and had a coupon for a free scoop. We gave that one to DearDaughter1. Well, we learned a good lesson for next time...I will share with DearDaughter1 because the scoop is too big for her. My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so we'll have a do over on the ice cream stop and apply our lesson learned tonight.

Today's Funday Friday was a potpourri of different events...I must also admit that I did have to do some house chores today. I was so disoriented yesterday by the change of plans that I didn't get anything done. I spent this morning replanning my weekend and part of the plans included house chores for today. Well, we'll make up for that next week when DearFriend Y is with us!

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crystal said...

Glad you had fun on your Friday! Such oportunities to teach lessons. My oldest tried to steal and easter hat one had it on her head and we almost forgot to pay for it. I had to turn her around and go back and she is really good about helping me check the cart to make sure we didnt forget anything..and she always looks at her sisters head and feels of hers...just to make sure an easter hat isnt getting out the door... :)


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