Monday, June 23, 2008

Learning a Sacrificial Life from Out of Town Visitors

We have had the pleasure, so far, to host 2 out of town guests this summer!

Our first visitor was Mr. Ringo, on May 31st. Mr. Ringo is a missionary in India. He lives in a Hindu village. India is against any open missionaries and so Mr. Ringo is there as a maintenance man. His current goal is just getting to know the people in his village and becoming a part of their village. He has invited some people to church, but no one has accepted his invitation yet. Apparently, over 80% of Indians are Hindu and unlike some Americans who claim to be Christians, but don't practice it, the Indians are faithful in practicing their religion. Therefore, the task of bringing the gospel to India is a challenging one and more workers like Mr. Ringo is needed.

Our second visitor was Mr. Jughead, who just left this morning. Mr. Jughead served as a missionary in Bolivia between 1997 to 2006. He taught a high school class in Bolivia and was also an aviation mechanic there. Since returning to the states, he's become a college professor teaching small engines repair. His hope one day is to return to the missions field, but for this time, the Lord is giving him some time to settle down.

These visits were very encouraging and uplifting because these men have truly sacrificed their lives to go where the Lord called them to serve Him. It helps keep DearHubby and my life's purpose in perspective.

The company where DearHubby works is winding down. They're moving a lot of their manufacturing out of the country and DearHubby's job won't be secure there for much longer. As a result, we've been praying and talking about what the Lord has next for us. We've had a desire for mission's work, but we're not sure that's where the Lord is taking us yet. DearHubby could end up still working for his current company even after the moves are done or DearHubby could find another job closer to home and we may be here for another 10 years, another 20 years, or even a lifetime. However, these visits from missionaries have helped us remember to keep flexible because the Lord may move us at anytime, but we want to be obedient and give up and sacrifice all, here and now or wherever God leads us and when.

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