Thursday, April 03, 2008

This and That...

I am sad to report that the applesauce I made last Saturday was the culprit to DearDaughter's sleep trouble this past weekend :( I am guessing that it was either the cinnamon or butter that I added which may have caused her tummy aches. I don't think it was the apple because she drinks apple juice every day. Well, I'm going to try pears next without the butter and cinnamon and we'll see how that turns out. (Sigh...)

(Another sigh...)

The wierdest thing happened last night! DearDaughter1, who has been sleeping through the night since 13 weeks old woke up at 2:30am this morning! I took her out of her crib and cuddled with her on the rocking chair. I then sang her a few hymns and put her back to sleep. She resisted a little, but soon resigned and went back to sleep. She then woke up at her normal time at 7am this morning. It was just an unusual happening...I wonder if she had a nightmare? Hmmm?

(Another sigh...)

Although I am often writing about my difficult days with MyGirls, I am often thinking about getting pregnant with our next child. This is something DearHubby and I need to pray about.

Well, I have to get running...I'm going to the gym this morning for my swim.

I had such a difficult pregnancy with DearDaughter2 as far as it being physically challenging. I was in great shape before getting pregnant with DearDaughter1, but as I was transitioning into motherhood, I never really got back into a good exercise and diet routine. Therefore, I've been working at getting back into shape and even trying to lose that last 10 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight from DearDaughter1. I am hoping that by getting back in shape again and starting off at a lighter weight, a pregnancy with our 3rd will be much less physically challenging.


Bren said...

Actually I think it is the apples. The acid in the apples is too strong for their tummies. I can not remember (it has been a long time ago) but I gave my son regular applesauce and the same thing happened. The doc told me only baby applesause as the acid is diluted....same with apple juice.

Trish D said...

Ah, the joys of discovering what foods "work" for which child. I know neither of our kids could handle applesauce until over 1 yr

And yes, it could definitely be dreams with G. D started having issues with that at about 2 1/2 - he'd cry, I'd talk to him, we'd pray together, I'd turn on music and put him back to bed. Hopefully this won't last long!

Susan said...

I think I agree with bren that with the apples being the issue but don't forbid it altogether but just give little at a time. I forget how old your little one is but, I also remember that applesauce is one of the ingredients the doctor says to give when the children have diarrhea problems(the BRAT DIET). Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast. If you want them to have good fiber/stools and not constipated it says to use the skin in the apples because that has the fiber/nutrition in it to keep you "regular". Depending on the age of the child and how chunky or smooth you make the sauce you can add skin but being careful for what texture they can eat/chew. Of course organic apples especially because you are eating the skin.

Lastly, as a cooking tip since I love to cook and bake :) , that the applesauce is good just with some cinnamon & nutmeg (fresh grated) which is a healthier/more natural sweetener than using just white sugar and butter. It's so creamy and naturally sweet that you especially don't need the butter in the homemade applesauce. You just want the least ingredients apples and maybe water or dash of cinnamon.

I hope you don't mind I googled some recipes for you! I can't wait to try some new ones myself.

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