Friday, April 04, 2008

Laundry Room Organizational Challenge

Aye ya ya ya!!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!!

Since DearDaughter2 was born, I have been doing the bare minimum in the house because it's been a challenge juggling all that's going on. Well, it is amazing how doing the bare minimum really takes its toll after awhile!

Once again, my laundry room has become a catch all room and it is a MESS!!! Having such a small house with little storage just makes keeping up with things sooooo difficult. Our main storage is our monstrous garage (an old chicken coupe) and in order to get to the usable part of the storage area I have to walk about 5 minutes. I usually have to do this when the girls are asleep and it really has to be the perfect time! Anyway, in short, the laundry room is MESSY and I need to take control of it again.

Doing a 30 Day Organizational Challenge worked really well for me because I had to set up goals to accomplish for the week. Therefore, this is the start of my 2008 Laundry Room Organizational Challenge. I'll post Before pictures later when I have time to sit and write out my 1st week's plan.

On your mark...Get set...GO!!!

--- Later on ---
It's 4:08pm and I feel completely overwhelmed. I was quite excited to get my project started, but when I started to make my execution plan, I quickly became really discouraged.

A lot of the stuff in our laundry room is stuff that needs to be stored (ie. 2008 Christmas gifts, toys that will be used in the future, etc...). Well, I just came from our monstrous garage and it too is a huge MESS! As I mentioned earlier, our garage was a former chicken coupe. It has around 10 or maybe even more than 10 bays. A lot of the stuff in there are stuff from the previous owner, but a lot of the stuff in there are also our stuff. The roof on this building is horrible and so there's leaks everywhere. Many of the things in there are rotting, but we just have not had the time to clear it out. Unfortunately, each bay is full (I don't know why)...Anyway, DearHubby fixed the roof on the last 2 bays and that's where a lot of our stuff is being stored now. DearHubby was usually good at keeping the garage fairly organized, but because he has been so focused on our new addition and home renovation and because he's been sick, he has not had the opportunity to keep the garage organized at all and it is OUT OF CONTROL! We have one of those inflatable pools and tarps big enough to cover our roof. Well, DearHubby never put those away properly, and so they are just sitting in the middle of the ground in the garage. There is no way for me to get to my storage area, thus making it difficult for me to start my laundry room project.

I am just venting here!!!

I just want to go in the garage and throw everything away!!! We just have sooo much stuff and I don't know why we're keeping it all? Like I saw a few rolls of carpet in there! Why do we need to keep those? We're never going to use them, especially after they've been stored in the garage. It'll be too musty from mold! Then, there's a bed that's completely rotting in there...TRASH...

RRR...With our home renovations taking on first priority so that we can get out of the old part of our house and away from the mold, cleaning out the garage has always been on the bottom of our priority list. Yet, as it stays on the bottom of the list, the MESS in there just accumelates and then we can't get to anything we've stored in there because we can't find it...

I've tried to work on the garage myself before DearDaughter1 was born, but I didn't get very far. A lot of the work is heavy lifting work, which requires my DearHubby's strength, but he doesn't see working on the garage as an urgent need...

It's kind of frustrating because I want to clean out the mess, but I can't do it without help. In addition, it's not a safe place for little kids to be and if I were to work on the project, it would have to be while both girls are asleep. DearDaughter1 only naps for about an hour a day. I wouldn't even get started with anything before I'd need to come back in the house because I'd need time to think of an action plan.


Alright, let me stop venting, pray, seek God's wisdom on how to talk to DearHubby. Maybe DearHubby will be able to just move the pool and tarps out of the way so that I can get to my storage area and if he doesn't, I should continue to remind him and explain to him how that will help me do my job in cleaning up the mess in the house...

Dear Lord, be my help!

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